'I love photographing people' says Daniel Kuhlmann, a wedding photographer from Germany.
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Daniel Kuhlmann



I am Daniel. Male, 30 something, German passport, restless soul. I love photographing people, watching movies and having meaningful conversations.

And I love telling stories about the day of your life through pictures. Because all those genuine and beautiful moments make me feel like I am witnessing something really important, something profound and deeply touching.

My approach is photojournalistic. I am taking pictures because you are getting married, not the other way round. If you are looking for authentic and honest photos of you and your loved ones, we should get in touch.

1 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Daniel Kuhlmann.

Married: 2 years ago

Alin & Moritz

Dear Daniel, With all our heart we would like to thank you again for the great work you have done at our wedding! Not only the photos themselves, but also the compilation of those, in which you have recorded each section and each emotion so harmoniously and authentically impresses us again and again and with each review we discover details that we had not previously noticed. We were really happy that you were there and that we were able to celebrate so relaxed with you in the end. A thousand thanks and best regards, Your Alin & Moritz