Bangkok wedding photographer Maythee Voranisarakul, of Thailand
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Maythee Voranisarakul

TH Wedding Photographer

I believe that the best part of a wedding is about sharing.
It’s the sharing of love between him and her.
It’s the sharing of life between bride and groom.
It’s the sharing of joy between the couple and friends.

And photography is the best tool to make this part remembered.
As WPJA photographer, it is a great commitment to witness a wedding unfolds the way it is, and yet still able to capture a magic of sharing that even bride and groom would never notice it exists.

I believe this commitment makes WPJA photographers different.

Recent Background
2006 : Worked with WBP Architects, Brisbane QLD, Australia
2007 : Completed Master of Urban & Environment Design, Queensland University of Technology
2009 : Won the 2nd place in Bon Cafe's Expresso Yourself Photo Competition
2015 : Found a dedicated wedding photography service under the name MAYTHEE VORAN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

6 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

1 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists