Bangalore wedding photography by Arjun Kamath of the WPJA for Karnataka, India
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Arjun Kamath

Arjun Kamath Photography

Hi! I'm Arjun, a published photographer, an award-winning filmmaker, and an avid storyteller. I have spent over a decade mastering the arts and evolving into a reputed creative wedding photographer in Bangalore, India.

I have dedicated my life to crafting your stories, weaving into my pictures the colours, emotions, and moments that make your journey beautiful.

I started off as an IT Engineer in Bengaluru, my hometown. In the first two years of college, I learned two things. One, engineering was not something I was doing with all my heart. And two, (much to my parents’ dismay) if not rich, I’d at least be a happy man if I made photographs for the rest of my life. But like any responsible Indian child, I finished my degree in 2009 (in all sincerity, to my surprise!). And then went ahead to pursue photography full time.

From being published by international media mammoths like the United Nations, National Geographic, and The Guardian to becoming a wedding photographer in India, my journey has been endearing. A degree in filmmaking from the world’s most acclaimed film school, tremendous love from my viewers, and the wonderful people who trust me with crafting their fashion and wedding tales all make my life a wonderful adventure.