Jacqueline Dersjant

Jacqueline  Dersjant

Jacqueline Dersjant (PHTGRPHR) is an international award winning photojournalist known for her candid, documentary approach. Jacqueline’s expressive photography is about capturing special moments and emotions between people. Her reportage style is up close with a great sense of humor. She is committed to capturing the reality and has an eye for spontaneous, once in a lifetime moments that feel honest.

Jacqueline has received several awards such as WPJA, Fearless, PANL and Px3. Her images are intimate and fun(ny) telling a true story. All photos are taken in a relaxed, sympathetic and unobtrusive way. She usually works with a second shooter and loves to collaborate to inspire and learn from each other.

Jacqueline Dersjant
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Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Jacqueline Dersjant.

Dominique & Kor

Married: 7 years ago

Dominique & Kor

What awesome, fantastic super pictures!!! They truly are....there are no words to describe them. I laughed out loud and even had to cry a little. Well, if pictures can do that to you, who needs more praise than that?

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