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A Photographic Journey of Authentic Emotions, Unforgettable Moments

Born in Huizen, raised in Almere and during my youth and teenage years I always had a strong urge to always express my creativity. As a toddler in the construction corner, as a child in the talent show at school and in my teens as a drummer in rock bands. It is the latter that ultimately ensured that I started my education in sound engineering at the SAE at the age of 19. It only became clear later how important this choice has been in my life. It was at this school that I met my wife Roxy. We were of course still young and immature at the time, 'recording buddies' and helped each other during the many sound recordings for our school projects. After some drum lessons and dates, the spark quickly flew and we eventually moved in together in Hilversum. A few years later in 2012, Roxy decided to start an online fashion blog. Of course she needed pictures for this and of course I was the chosen one there to serve as her photographer. Although the first few sessions were very difficult and auto mode on the camera was my friend, after some quick photography courses I started to really enjoy it. Until then, I mainly expressed myself creatively through music, so when I noticed that I also had an eye for images, a whole new world opened up for me. I started photographing everything; from street photography to nature, from events to portraits and from our cat Snowy to the many bridal couples of whom I have now been able to tell their intimate stories through photography. You don't learn photography by just reading about it, or watching YouTube videos about it, but above all by doing it a lot. And so, unexpectedly, photography has become one of the most important things in my life. And all because I have always really enjoyed ramming a set of drums with a few sticks.

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