Capturing Romance at the Wedding

July 15, 2019
Photo of the Bride & Groom living in their own little world just moments after the ceremony | Romantic Wedding Photos

Photo by: JD Land, Arizona, United States

The first time you envisioned your wedding, you probably didn’t see a long list of details to attend to, decisions to be made or negotiations to be undertaken. Surely, your vision involved you and your partner. It was filled with tenderness, sweet melodies, pure bliss…and romance. After all, a wedding is romantic—the consummation of your everlasting love.

A skilled wedding photojournalist knows how to anticipate and capture situations that convey those special feelings. When the day is over, your memories will be enhanced through photographs of the two of you looking at one another or simply being together, thus narrating the story of your love. And it’s these beautifully intimate moments, short-lived yet powerful, which will leave the most lasting impressions on the heart.

The bride and groom can have beautifully intimate moments that are powerful - Wedding Photography of Romance

Photo by: Andrew Morrell, Ohio, United States


A glance, a quick kiss or a sigh shared between the betrothed amidst the whirlwind of activity and emotion on their wedding day are spontaneous scenes which tend to happen quickly. They are personal exchanges that represent the strong feelings the bride and groom have for one another. And they can be gone in a flash (no pun intended). The guests may not notice them, but the perceptive wedding photojournalist does.

Your photographer’s portfolio should reflect his/her ability to anticipate and capture such moments. These moments are filled with unspoken meaning. And you don’t get a second chance.

Capturing these fleeting exchanges is a significant event, because they offer a very personal connection; a private expression of what the couple are feeling for one another on their special day. And it can speak volumes about the wedding day as a whole. Your wedding photojournalist knows this, and is trained to move in when these opportunities reveal themselves.

Wedding photography of fleeting exchanges at a significant event - bride and groom on the dance floor.

Photo by: Ufuk Sarisen, Istanbul, Turkey


Those quiet reflections when the bride and groom are alone together often convey the most romance. Whether it be that final minute in the limo before entering the reception, or an impromptu walk outside to grab some fresh air, there’s a unique kind of energy between a couple that is at once alive and ethereal. And many photographers claim the documenting of these moments to be the most elusive yet most rewarding part of their day.

To capture this type of emotional connection takes great skill, and the best photojournalists are also experts at human observation. They are inside the heads of the couple; perceiving the inner dialogue between two people in love and constantly processing a myriad of visual cues. When a genuine heartfelt moment is exposed, they are well prepared to take action and pull down that successful shot.

There is a bond of trust between a bride and groom and their photographer. And when this comfort level is achieved, the couple feels free to express emotion and engage in organically meaningful moments that will help write the story of their love.

Black and White photo of the bride and groom having a quiet and intimate moment alone in the backseat of the car

Photo by: Nicolas Bernard, France


Romantic moments can also spring from situations where you’re simply having fun. The significance of the day’s events can oftentimes sit heavy on a couple’s shoulders. So a literal exhale and a loosening of inhibitions can easily create some very magical footnotes in your wedding tale.

It can be hard to just let yourself go in front of family and friends. The embracing, the raw expressions of feelings… there’s an intimacy that’s being created on this day and you’re voluntarily allowing everyone in. But that’s all the more reason to seek out those lighthearted moments; to balance the multitude of emotions taking place and to convey how much you’re enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

In such cases, wedding photojournalists want the couple to relax and have a little fun, but will not interfere. They will simply sit back and let events take their course. Having someone direct you as though you’re in a commercial can feel staged and will often produce stilted and awkward expressions.

On a similar note, one a major obstacle to beautiful, emotionally resonant images is a stressed, over-scheduled bride or groom. Many couples take on the lion’s share of the wedding planning. But they don’t realize how hungry that lion can be. If you’re too entrenched in the logistics of the big day, you become the default wedding planner and no longer the guests of honor.

Obviously, romantic moments might have a harder time of rising to the surface if you’re consumed with the flower arrangements. The key is to assign tasks to others so that your minds are free throughout the entire day. You can then focus on having a wonderful time.

Years from now when you look through your wedding pictures and you see those images of you and your sweetheart sharing moments of candid romance, you’ll be drawn back to that special day. The photographs, recording those feelings, may even become synonymous with your wedding and hopefully with your marriage as well.