Zutphen, Gelderland, Netherlands Elopement Photo Story Award

Netherlands elopement - not a grand wedding, a wedding of love and emotion

Elopement Photography of a couple who married their best friends intimately

Love was undeniable with this creative writer couple. After a few violent years of health problems, they wanted to marry their best friends intimately and really just “celebrate life” with those around them. Not a grand wedding, not a wedding dress or suit, but real emotions and especially love. Here the bride playfully shows off her ring for her guests to see.


Bride has a Moment with Mom during wedding in Zutphen, Netherlands

The bride shares an emotional moment with her mother as the two of them embrace in this candid photo.


Bride and Groom At the ceremony in Zutphen, Netherlands

At the ceremony, the bride cannot contain her joy as she tries to conceal her huge smile with her hand. Her happiness is contagious and spreads to her fiancé and guests.


Zutphen, Netherlands elopement vows and reading

The bride and groom exchange vows during this small, private ceremony, but the groom is becoming emotional as his bride expresses her feelings toward him.


wedding officer announced they are married at Zutphen, Netherlands elopement wedding

At the end of this casual, lighthearted, and fun ceremony, the wedding officiant shouts to announce that the couple is finally married.


Zutphen, Netherlands dance party after elopement wedding ceremony

The bride is excited to show off her dance moves out on the dance floor, getting things started while a jazzy band plays behind her.


Party together at elopement wedding in Zutphen, Netherlands

Surrounded by lights, paper lanterns, and all of their closest friends and family members, the bride and groom invite their guests to come party with them.


Having fun together just before the wedding in Zutphen, Netherlands

Just before the wedding, the bride and groom had a bit of fun together as they shared a sweet, romantic portrait session out in the stairwell.


Dancing in the sunset in Zutphen, Netherlands

To conclude a long day of festivities and celebrating, the newlyweds enjoy a private, intimate moment as they dance alone together in the setting sun and all we can see is their unified silhouette.