Town Hall of Nantes, France Elopement Photo Story Award


The children's joyful expressions are captured in the photo taken at their parents' Town Hall elopement

The joyousness of the occasion is reflected in the magical expressions of the children.

The intimate ceremony took place in Nantes near the end of summer. The bride and groom, along with their two children, prepared for the event at home, then joined friends and family for the ceremony at the beautifulcentral town hall of Nantes.

The reception dinner took place at the famous restaurant L’atlantide, where they basked in the glow of the evening sun and enjoyed the fresh air on the balcony overlooking the Loire river.

Nantes bride wedding image as she helps her son prepare for the big day

The attentive bride helps her son prepare for the big day before donning her own beautiful gown.

France Wedding Elopement image of the couple together before their ceremony

The bride and groom spend precious intimate moments together before their ceremony begins.

Nantes Town Hall wedding photo of Wishes of love and good fortune

Wishes of love and good fortune are graciously received from family and friends.

Nantes Town Hall France elopement image of the arrival of the groom to the wedding ceremony

Guests are overjoyed at the appearance of the handsome new Monsieur.

L'atlantide, Nantes France Wedding image of The bride and groom at the table before the wedding

The bride and groom add a touch of elegance to the table in preparation for the wedding feast.

Nantes, France Wedding Reportage image of the Father and daughter at her Elopement

Father and daughter share a loving moment after the ceremony.

L'atlantide, Nantes - France Wedding image of smiles, laughter and bubbly

Celebrating the festive occasion with smiles, laughter—and, of course, a little bubbly.

L'atlantide, Nantes, France Elopement image of the outdoor reception party by the water

Relaxing in the fresh evening air and the remnants of the fading sun at the end of a jubilant day on the balcony of L’atlantide.