Tigiwon House - Vail, Eagle County, Colorado Elopement Photo Story Award

A Rocky Mountain Wedding Image from Under a Tree at an Outdoor Ceremony

A Community House Wedding Image from Outdoor Ceremony Under a Tree

The couple wed under an A frame arch that was decorated by their families with wildflowers. The groom's friend from elementary school officiated the ceremony and their parents each sat on Indian blankets on wooden benches in the meadow.

Izzy and Nate planned a simple, offbeat, 60's style camping elopement with close family and friends at a cabin in Vail, Colorado. They invited their loved ones by saying, 'this isn't going to feel like a traditional wedding reception.' Their ceremony location was up a long dirt road in the mountains at a historic cabin called the Tigiwon House, at the White Mountains National Forest.

What I loved most about the atmosphere there was that everyone was helping out and pitching in. Friends set up the tables with lanterns and food. The guys brought the 20' long benches out of the cabin and into the meadow nearby to provide seating. Everything was kept in the family and it brought such a fun sense of community and togetherness. 

Nate waited until Izzy was coming down the aisle to see her in her vintage wedding dress. His lip quivered and a few tears fell out as her parents walked her into the meadow. These two are high school sweethearts, and they both spoke about the first conversation they ever had in their vows. Izzy has this quick and infectious laugh that shows up in almost every photo of her I have.

After their first kiss, they sprayed champagne for a unique touch. They ate dinner together outside and cut the cake when they felt like it. There was a timeline - but to be honest nobody looked at a clock all day and the afternoon stretched on in good company. 

We sent all the guests down the mountain early and I hung back with the newlyweds for some just married portraits at a nearby Aspen grove for their last quiet moment together before the party re-started at their Airbnb. The forest was thick with white flowers - and thick with mosquitos. It was worth the bites for the gorgeous forest elopement photos to end their day.

Colorado wedding bridesmaids are preparing the brides hair outside under the trees of Vail

Vail, Colorado wedding image of bridesmaids preparing brides hair outside under trees

The bride's 3 friends pin a floral garland into her hair for a romantic and whimsical 60's inspired look.

A Vail, Colorado Bride Hugs Mom at the Tigiwon Wedding Venue

Tigiwon Community House Wedding Image of Bride and Mom Hugging

The bride embraces her mom as she gets into her vintage polka dot wedding gown. She dressed in front of the fireplace in the historic cabin called the Tigiwon Community House. The couple had strung up photos not just of themselves through the years, but snapshots of adventures they'd had with their 14 guests.

A CO Historical Kandmark Wedding Ceremony Picture from Under the Trees of Eagle County

Historical Kandmark Wedding Venue Ceremony Picture from Eagle County, Colorado

Nate reads his vows to Izzy with a grin on his face. They wrote their own vows and since they are high school sweethearts, they both spoke about the very first conversation they'd had all those years ago.

A Tigiwon Community House Wedding Ceremony Picture of the Bride Laughing

Tigiwon Community House Outdoor Wedding Venue Image of Funny Ceremony

Izzy doubles over with laughter during the ceremony as Nate reads his witty vows.

An Eagle County Marriage Ceremony Pic of Celebrating after Colorado Vows

Eagle County, Colorado Mountain Marriage Ceremony Pic of Bride and Groom Celebrating

After the first kiss, the couple sprayed not one but two bottles of champagne to kick off the celebration!

Vail, Colorado wedding picture from a cake cutting that got messy for bride and groom

A Vail, Colorado Couple are working through a messy cake feeding exchange

The cake cutting was chaotic, with only half of Izzy's piece of cake making it into her mouth and the groom had to help her as it crumbled over her chin.

Vail wedding portrait of CO couple under Aspen trees in the Rocky Mountains

Vail adventure wedding portraits under Aspen trees in the mountains of Colorado

The newlyweds climbed onto a large rock surrounded by white flowers in a mature aspen grove on the mountainside.

Airbnb wedding image from Vail, Colorado during a funny reception drink toast

Vail, Colorado Airbnb wedding image from a reception party toast

The couple giggle together over some hilarious and heartfelt toasts shared by the couple's friends back at the Airbnb.