Squirrel Hill, East End of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Elopement Photo Story Award

Backyard, At Home Elopement Photography by Kate Hagerty

Outdoor Wedding Reception Image showing The grooms family welcomed the bride as their new daughter without reservations

Bruno's parents lecture Bruno on the finer points of romance during his and Agnese's first dance.

Bruno and Agnese met in Paris when they were both there completing their graduate degrees. They were both born in Italy, Bruno's family having emigrated to the United States when he was a young child. The two had planned to marry in Italy, where Agnese's family still lives, but before they could make the trip, Bruno was diagnosed with a recurrence of leukemia, which he had battled as a teenager. In light of his diagnosis, the couple decided to stay in Pittsburgh, where Bruno's father works as an anesthesiologist, so Bruno could complete his cancer treatments without the additional burden of traveling during the pandemic. 

While Agnese had to get married without her parents and sister by her side, as covid restrictions had blocked travel from the EU, she had the support and love of Bruno's family, who welcomed her as their new daughter without reservations. Bruno and Agnese had decided even before their wedding that they would live in his parents' house for the following year while Bruno underwent treatment for his leukemia. 

Even though they certainly missed the beauty of Italy, Bruno and Agnese were blessed with an uncharacteristically sunny and idyllic day in Pittsburgh. They served arancini, a popular street food where Agnese is from, along with catered tacos and cake, at their reception. They even had a friend from Italy there to join them, who is currently in a Ph.D. program at Notre Dame. 

East End, Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Bridal prep photo of Getting ready in Squirrel Hill neighborhood

East End, Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Bridal Image | Getting ready in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood

Agnese gets ready for her wedding at Bruno's family home in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Bruno's mother helps Agnese put on the jewelry she received as a gift from Bruno's parents.

Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Bridal Photo as she descends the stairs at home for backyard elopement

Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Bridal Photo | The bride descends the stairs

Agnese descends the stairs. The dress she's wearing took a journey from Turkey, where it was made, to Paris, where Agnese and Bruno met, to Italy, where they originally intended to marry, to Pittsburgh, where they ultimately held their wedding. Agnese had never tried the dress on until it arrived in Pittsburgh. She bought it second-hand, sight unseen, on the internet.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Wedding image of bride video calling her parents in Italy

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Wedding Photography Details | The bride video calls her parents in Italy

Agnese video calls her parents in Italy before she leaves Bruno's family home for the wedding ceremony. Due to covid travel restrictions, her family was unable to attend the wedding.

Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Reception Image from Home as grooms family hosted a small backyard reception party

Pittsburgh, PA Wedding Reception Images at Home | The grooms family hosts a small wedding reception

Bruno's family hosts a small wedding reception for Bruno and Agnese at their home in Pittsburgh. About 25 people attend.

PA backyard wedding reception photo in BW of newlyweds uncorking a bottle of champagne

PA backyard wedding reception photography in BW | The newlyweds uncork a bottle of champagne

The newlyweds uncork a bottle of champagne at their backyard wedding reception.

Pittsburgh Documentary Wedding Photo of guests watching Bride and groom cut their cake outdoors

Pittsburgh Documentary Wedding Photographers | Bride and groom cut their cake

Bruno's brothers and soon-to-be sister-in-law stand by as Bruno and Agnese cut their cake. One of Bruno's brothers was just about to graduate from high school while the other is in his residency at a medical school in New York.

Pittsburgh Couple Wedding Portrait showing Bride and groom posing on cobblestone streets

Pittsburgh Couple Wedding Portrait in BW | Bride and groom pose for a quiet portrait

Bruno and Agnese pose for a quiet portrait on the cobblestone street in front of Bruno's childhood home.