Rosemount Inn, Kingston, Ontario Elopement Photo Story Award

An intimate wedding venue ceremony with the bride in groom in black and white

A romantic ceremony in an intimate, historic wedding venue

The ceremony took place in the intimate parlor at the historic Rosemount Inn in Kingston. The small space created a private and romantic atmosphere for the ceremony, which was witnessed by a handful of guests — some of whom actually watched from outside on the lawn.

After enduring the many ebbs and flows of the pandemic, Danielle and Zach were thrilled to finally elope at the elegant Rosemount Inn in downtown Kingston, Ontario. It was a relaxed and easy-going wedding, which perfectly suited the personalities of the couple, leaving everyone in attendance with warm memories of that sunshine-filled day in June.

Victorian house of historic Kingston, The Rosemount Inn wedding venue picture of groomsmen toasting

Victorian house wedding image from a boutique hotel in historic Kingston - The Rosemount Inn

The groom raises a glass to his two best men before he begins the next incredible chapter of his life.

Kingston, Ontario bride preparing for her wedding at the Rosemount Inn, Kingston

Wedding venue picture from Kingston, Ontario at the Rosemount Inn, Kingston

Full of smiles and laughter, Danielle and her mother share a knowing look in the moments leading up to the wedding ceremony. The two delighted in the fact that they had this special time to share with one another before the celebrations began in earnest.

Canada wedding image of bride coming down stairs in the Old Stones district of Kingston

Rosemount wedding venue photo from the Old Stones district in downtown Kingston

Donning a facemask to adhere to the ongoing pandemic restrictions, Danielle gracefully walks down the winding staircase at the inn toward the parlor.

Canadia bride and groom during wedding vows in downtown Kingston, Ontario

BW image of couple exchanging wedding vows in downtown Kingston, Rosemount Inn

With the door open to let sunlight in and allow more guests to witness their vows, Danielle and Zach look into one another's eyes and absorb the gravity of the moment. They are just minutes away from committing themselves to one another for a lifetime.

Kingston wedding ceremony detail picture of the couples rings and hands

The Rosemount Inn and Spa Guesthouse wedding venue detail picture of bride and groom rings

Danielle gently takes her groom's hand and slides the wedding band on his finger.

Kingston Ontario bride with her groom showing off his ring to groomsman

Rosemount Inn Kingston bride watching groom showing ring

As Zach gleefully shows off his new wedding ring, Danielle gazes up at her new husband with a look of love and pure adoration.

Tuscany Villa wedding picture from Kingston, Ontario at Rosemount Inn of a couple laughing

Rosemount Inn wedding venue image from a Tuscany Villa in downtown Kingston, Ontario, Canada

The newlyweds laugh playfully with one another as they take a private moment to relax in their suite in the moments immediately following the ceremony. 

Black and white picture from Kingston, Ontario, Canada of a couple walking after a wedding ceremony

Bride and groom walking in downtown Kingston

After the ceremony, the bride and groom opted to take a stroll through downtown Kingston. The groom takes his new bride by the hand, and leads her toward a university building that holds a special place in his heart.