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WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIOS ARE OPEN - Many couples don’t want to wait. They are planning to get married in the very near future, eloping, or rushing a small ceremony with their photographer, some close friends, and family but dispensing with or postponing the reception party. 

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Rockville, Maryland Backyard Porch Wedding Elopement Photo Story Award

Rockville, Maryland backyard wedding ceremony image from a COVID-19 elopement event

Rockville, Maryland Backyard Porch Elopement Photographer | COVID-19 struck this couple's country-themed wedding plans

Ginger and Joe shared their vows with Ginger's two children by their side. There was not a dry eye on the deck.

Ginger and Joe were dreaming of the perfect country-themed barn wedding with friends and family from around the country in attendance. And then COVID-19 struck. It took many weddings by storm including Ginger and Joe. They decided not to let this get to them and still planned their wedding on their back porch. They found a planner to decorate, their realtor performed the ceremony, and they hired a personal chef to come in and cook them a delicious dinner. They ended up planning their entire wedding in one week. Calling friends and family to send them photos that they printed out and put on sticks in tomato plant buckets (an ode to Joe's love for farming) and faced them towards the ceremony.

Rockville, Maryland Private Home wedding image of the bride's daughter helping her mom with make-up

Rockville, Maryland Private Home Backyard Elopement Photos | The bride's daughter assists her mom with her make-up

Without a make-up artist Ginger's daughter assists her mom with her make-up.

Maryland Backyard Outdoor wedding image from the first look

Maryland Private Backyard Outdoor Elopement Photo | A beautiful first look

A beautiful first look moment between Joe and Ginger.

Maryland Backyard wedding Portrait of the bride and groom in a beautiful bamboo backyard

Maryland Backyard Elopement Portrait | beautiful bamboo in their backyard for portraits

Fortunately, they had some beautiful bamboo in their backyard for portraits.

MD Backyard wedding photography showing the bride is getting emotional as the groom speaks

MD Backyard Elopement Ceremony Image | The bride is getting emotional as the groom talks about his love for her children

Ginger is getting emotional as Joe talks about his love for her children.

MD Backyard wedding picture of The first dance for the bride and groom

MD Backyard, At-Home Elopement Picture | The first dance

The first dance between Ginger and Joe, with her son and their pup in the background.

At-Home Backyard COVID 19 wedding portrait in the back of their truck

At-Home Backyard MD Elopement Picture | they couldn't have photos in the back of their truck in a field

Even though they couldn't have photos in the back of their truck in a field... their driveway was a good replacement.

MD wedding image of The family waiting for dinner at home

 MD Elopement Story Photography | The family is waiting for dinner

While waiting for dinner, the family just relaxed and spent quality time together. Something that doesn't usually happen on a wedding day.