Porter County Courthouse, Indiana Elopement Photo Story Award

The bride and groom kiss by a yurt at a rural ranch wedding venue

A yurt ranch portrait of the bride and groom in fall colors

After getting ready inside a yurt at the Hruby Ranch, the bride and groom sneak a quick kiss against the backdrop of the autumn leaves. 

Mia and Dan planned an elopement that was rooted in Midwest simplicity while exuding character and charm around every corner. Their refreshing outlook on life and their genuine love for one another radiated through every aspect of the day, which began with a first look at the Hruby Ranch before continuing at a courthouse ceremony and finishing with a flavorful brunch in Valparaiso, Indiana. 

The couple prepare and get ready together at a Garden Yurt Wedding Venue

Bride and groom getting ready for a Garden Yurt Wedding

The coupled prepared for their wedding ceremony together inside the yurt on the ranch, which meant that they took turns caring for one another and making sure that they each looked picture-perfect for their big day. Mia lovingly styled Dan's hair, as he attempted to avoid the hairspray.

Bride getting ready image from Hruby Ranch Farm Wedding Venue

Hruby Ranch Wedding Detail Pic from Winfield, IN

Mia slipped into her gorgeous lace wedding gown, which was fastened by her mom in a sweet and special moment before the ceremony. 

Marriage Ceremony Pic from the Clerk Office at the Porter County Courthouse

Clerk's Office Wedding Ceremony at Records Division of Porter County Courthouse

Mia and Dan opted for a courthouse ceremony that allowed them to exchange vows and rings in a way that was short, simple and entirely personal. By prioritizing the most basic elements of the wedding ceremony, they were able to truly focus on the momentous occasion. 

Marriage Vow Exchange at the Porter County Courthouse of Valparaiso, Indiana

A couple appears together with a marriage license at the Porter County Courthouse

The bride can barely contain her emotions as she clasps her soon-to-be husband's hands and the ceremony begins. 

An Indiana Civil Marriage Ceremony Image at the Porter County Courthouse

Bride and Groom Getting Married at the Porter County Courthouse

The newlyweds are applauded and congratulated in the moments immediately following their courthouse ceremony.

An Indiana Civil Wedding Pic of the Brides Ring Show in Valparaiso

Valparaiso, Indiana Civil Wedding Image of Bride Showing Ring

The bride shows offer her glimmering wedding ring — which is now complete with its sparkling band — to her new mother-in-law.

Porter County Courthouse Civil Wedding photo of the couple walking in the sun outdoors

Following their Porter County Courthouse Civil Wedding, the bride and groom walk in the sunshine

On a sunshine filled day in Indiana, the new husband and wife walk hand in hand out of the courthouse. Despite the beauty that surrounds them, they simply cannot take their eyes off one another. 

Pestos Italian Restaurant Wedding Reception Photo from Valparaiso, IN

Wedding Reception Party at Pesto's Italian Restaurant of Valparaiso, IN

After the ceremony at the courthouse, the couple and their families went to Pesto's Italian Restaurant in order to enjoy brunch together and celebrate. It was a meal filled with joy and laughter that resulted in memories that they will all cherish for years to come.