Podere Bellaria, Asciano, Siena, Tuscany, Italy Elopement Photo Story Award

An outdoor first kiss for the new husband and wife under the glow of the countryside

countryside bride and groom kissing at outdoor ceremony

The bride and groom wrapped themselves up in a loving embrace as they shared their first kiss as husband and wife underneath the warm glow of the Tuscan sunshine.

Johanna and Peter knew that their simmering passion for one another was contagious, but they weren't expecting to usher in a heat wave for their outdoor elopement in the Tuscan countryside. Still, despite the soaring temperatures, the couple created magic underneath the blazing sun during their personal and intimate ceremony. The ceremony and reception took place at a Tuscan farmhouse known as Podere Bellaria. The storied past of this location — which once served as a post station and also was a home for a noble family in Italy — added a sense of history to the day, blending the beauty of days gone by with the promise of a new tomorrow.

The outdoor Italy wedding venue of Podere Bellaria with a view of the Tuscany countryside

Wedding venue Podere Bellaria with a view of Tuscany, Italy

The rolling hills of this sprawling Tuscan estate created the perfect backdrop for Johanna and Peter's outdoor wedding ceremony.

Siena wedding image of a bride getting makeup applied before Tuscany marriage ceremony

Siena wedding photo of bride getting makeup in Tuscany

Feeling serene and at ease, Johanna has her makeup applied in her apartment in the moments leading up to the ceremony. It may be one of the most significant days of her life, but Johanna is relaxed and ready to soak up the moments that are about to unfold.

In Asciano, Siena, the groom comes down the stairs to the outside Tuscany wedding ceremony

Asciano, Siena, Tuscany groom approaches wedding ceremony location

With a confidence of a man who knows he's facing the first day of his most exciting adventure, Peter struts down the stairs of his apartment with his friends beside him. He is ready to take on his new role as husband.

Tuscany brides dress preparations before her outdoor countryside marriage ceremony

Tuscany bridal preparations before countryside wedding ceremony

The room is filled with light, airy giggles as the bridesmaids fuss over Johanna. They want to make sure she looks absolutely perfect when she sees her groom for the first time. 

A couple is holding hands and exchanging wedding vows in countryside ceremony in Tuscany Italy

Tuscany rolling valley behind bride and groom during marriage ceremony

With endless blue skies above them and the rolling valley in the distance, Johanna and Peter begin their wedding ceremony.

A Tuscany intimate couple are embracing at the Italian reception venue meal table settings

Exclusive wedding image in Tuscany of an intimate couple embracing at the courtyard reception meal location

The newlywed couple steals away for a few moments of privacy, posing for simple yet romantic portraits in front of their dining tables. In just a few moments, their guests would be enjoying an al fresco meal together, celebrating their new union.

Podere Bellaria Asciano Tuscany wedding reception venue with a dinner meal party under strings of lights at dusk

Destination wedding photography from a venue in Tuscany

With string lights adding a touch of whimsy to the reception, the couple, along with their guests, enjoyed a traditional, rustic Tuscan meal in the farm's courtyard.

Black and White Tuscany wedding image of the cake decorating with bride and groom watching

BW Tuscany wedding photo of cake decorations applied

The bride and groom watch in admiration as an experienced chef as well as his young apprentice put the finishing touches on the wedding cake.