Parker, Colorado Horse Farm Elopement Photo Story Award

a 9 image mountain wedding picture story at a Parker, Colorado Horse Farm by Kathleen Ricker

Joy filled the bride's eyes as she and the groom walked hand-in-hand, accompanied by two beautiful horses, as the most amazing colorful sunset sky lit up their small, intimate wedding day

In just 5 days, Ashley and Jonathan pulled together the perfect wedding at their horse farm with the help of friends and family! Ashley found the perfect dress off the rack at David’s Bridal, got flowers, little tuxes for the pups, and catering. They decided to have their ceremony in their horse barn so that they could have their favorite horses apart of it. Their mare “Sorority Girl” really took an active role in the ceremony making sure that she was heard and approved their marriage. It was hands down the most entertaining ceremony I have ever photographed.

On Saturday, July 18, 2020 Ashley and Jonathan were sitting with family who was in town visiting. It was the first time in a while that Ashley’s whole family was together. Her brother kept nagging them about when are you going to get married? They had a few original dates that just weren’t working out.

Ashely and Jonathan looked at each other. She mentioned to him that numbers would play an important role in picking their wedding day. She went through and started listing them off... 7-23. Jonathan said wait... that is this Thursday. Your family is here... why don't we get married on Thursday?

The next day I got a Facebook message that asked if I could be in Colorado on Thursday for their wedding. I checked flights and said absolutely!

Five days after they decided to get married Ashley and Jonathan’s parents, as well as close friends arrived from all over the country to their home in Parker, Colorado.

Let’s rewind… Ashley and Jonathan met through their love of horses. Jonathan is a professional sports announcer specializing in horse racing and Ashley is a horse trainer. One day Jonathan showed up for lessons and Ashley was the trainer that day. She let him walk on her chestnut Thoroughbred mare Blondie, and as soon as he finished, he told her he wanted to learn to ride. This started a great and intimate friendship. A few years later Ashley invited Jonathan “as friends” over to a get together at her brother’s house (who happened to meet Jonathan separately when they both lived in California together). When he decided to leave early she tried to get him to stay which hit a lightbulb in her brother and aunt’s head… After he left they teased her that she liked him. She kept saying no until she got in the car and realized, wait, she really did like him.

Fast forward…. Ashley and Jonathan have since built a beautiful farm (Super G Sporthorses) together with 10 horses, 4 black and tan dogs, multiple cats, and Ashley’s little boy.

CO Wedding image of The mountain bride reading on a quote that is written on her mirror

Colorado Elopement Mountain Photos | The bride reflects on a quote that is written on the mirror

Ashley reflects on a quote that is written on the mirror as she gets ready to head to the ceremony.

CO wedding photography of The bride lifted on a chair for the hora dance in the horse barn

Parker CO Mountain Elopements | The bride is lifted on a chair for the hora dance

Ashley is lifted on a chair for the hora dance during the reception party.