Palazzo Cavalli - Cà Sagredo Hotel - Venice Elopement Photo Story Award

A civil ceremony pic from Palazzo Cavalli as bride and groom are showered with flower petals outside

Image from a civil ceremony as the bride and groom are showered with confetti

In the moments immediately following their civil ceremony at Palazzo Cavalli, the bride and groom are showered with confetti that was thrown by their guests. 

The couple Chun and Wei, their lovely family and all their guests had an unforgettable day in Venice, where cheerfulness —  but also tradition — were the main characters.

Chun and Wei live in London, but they are from Singapore, so they wanted to honor their families by respecting the traditional tea ceremony. According to tradition, the newlywed couple serves a private tea to the bride's parents in the morning. Then, after vows are exchanged, a private tea is offered to the groom's family.

The bride got ready in a magnificent suite of Cà Sagredo Hotel, which doubled as the reception venue. The marriage ceremony was celebrated through a civil wedding at Palazzo Cavalli.

After the ceremony, the couple boarded a water taxi and went to Piazza San Marco for a portrait session. They then returned to the hotel for the second portion of the tea ceremony and to prepare for the reception, which was held in the refined and exclusive setting of Cà Sagredo Hotel.

Dinner took place in an incredibly beautiful frescoed room, with the refined table settings incorporating every detail, including a typical Venetian mask for each guest.

It was a really elegant wedding, in its form and essence, but, at the same time, free from any strict formalism. It was fresh, cheerful and funny.

Venice Italy wedding venue photo showing a regal bridal suite at the hotel

Venice Italy wedding venue photographers | The regal bridal suite at the hotel

The regal bridal suite at the hotel set the stage for a wedding that would include touches of elegance and grandeur throughout the entire day. The bride, with her veil billowing behind her, prepares to put on her wedding gown.

Elopement image in Venice by IT wedding photographer of Window light casting glow over bride

Venice Wedding Photography | warm light from the windows

With the warm light from the windows casting an ethereal glow over her, the bride puts on her colorful shoes in order to complete her bridal look.

Italian destination wedding picture from the Ca Sagredo Hotel during the tea ceremony for parents

IT destination wedding image at Ca Sagredo Hotel | A day with tradition and honor

Beginning their day with tradition and honor, Chun and Wei serve tea to the bride's parents before the ceremony begins.

Palazzo Cavalli Civil Wedding Photo from Italy as guests look on during the cermony

Palazzo Cavalli Civil Wedding Photography from Italy | the wedding guests look during the cermony

As the wedding guests look on with bated breath, the bride slips the wedding band onto her groom's finger. 

Civil Wedding Photo of Italian bride enjoying a water taxi ride to the civil ceremony

Civil Wedding Photography from Palazzo Cavalli | The bride enjoys a water taxi ride

The bride, looking both poised and relaxed simultaneously, enjoys a water taxi ride to St. Mark's Square as her new husband captures the moment so that he can cherish it forever.

Venice, Italy Wedding Reception Venue Detail Image of expertly crafted Venetian masks for guest gifts at dinner

Venice, Italy Wedding Detail Picture | expertly crafted Venetian masks for guests

Each place setting included an expertly-crafted Venetian mask, an homage to the destination that played host to their nuptials.

Italian Wedding Reception Venue Photo from Ca Sagredo Hotel, Venice of the dinner in a frescoed room

Italy Wedding Venue Photography at Ca Sagredo Hotel, Venice | A wedding dinner in a frescoed room

The wedding dinner took place in a magnificent frescoed room, transporting the couple and their guests back to an era gone by, where opulence reigned supreme and true beauty was genuinely appreciated. 

Ca Sagredo Hotel couple portrait from a Wedding in Venice of newlyweds posing indoors

Ca Sagredo Hotel Photography of a Unique Wedding in Venice | newlyweds posing for a portrait

The newlyweds pose for a portrait that feels private, personal and timeless, all at once. While the grandeur of the hotel threatens to swallow the couple whole, the backlit glow ensures that the focus is entirely on them.