Tuckernuck Island, MA Elopement Photo Story Award


Island Elopement Photo from Beach Ceremony

Angelina and Lindsey were married in a field of daisies on Tuckernuck Island overlooking the ocean. They had an intimate wedding surrounded by their children, family, dear friends and two very sweet dogs. The unpredictable weather that surrounds us 30 miles out to sea was nothing short of exciting that day.


They picked us up in his boat and though it was very windy everyone was excited for the adventure that lay ahead on Tuckernuck Island, MA

Lindsey had spent the night before on Tuckernuck at the cabin with his two sons and as we waited for them on the shore the fog was lying thick on the water. They picked us up in his boat and though it was very windy everyone was excited for the adventure that lay ahead. As we got closer we were greeted by the sun shining down over the northern coastline of Tuckernuck.


Elopement dress detail in the old beach house on Tuckernuck Island, MA

Wedding dress hangs before the ceremony.


Picking Daisies for the elopement ceremony on Tuckernuck Island, MA

Picking Daisies for the ceremony.

When Angelina first asked me to join them on Tuckernuck I was so honored. Tuckernuck is an island that few people in the world get to experience, as you arrive on the shores it feels like time stands still.


Bride shares a moment with her dog before the ceremony on an Island, MA

Bride shares a moment with her dog before the ceremony. I loved hearing more about why this place is so special to Angelina and Lindsey. She describes the allure of the island so perfectly…. “Tuckernuck is special to us for so many reasons! First off, you have to be invited over because it is a privately owned island. We have been fortunate to be able to work and stay as guests as often as we like. Its raw beauty is evident as soon as you set foot on the island and it feels like stepping back in time. The views of the other nearby islands are amazing and only get more beautiful when the sun rises and sets. It hasn’t been over built as there are only 37 homes on the little island. This makes for spectacular star gazing at night. The roads are all dirt and you may or may not see anyone in a whole day over there. When you don’t see another person you feel like the island is all yours. Tuckernuck is truly a magical, beautiful place.”

There on the bluff Lindsey’s sons stood up next to him as Angelina’s daughter walked her up to the ceremony. They had a beautiful heartfelt ceremony with humorous moments too. Their black lab, Marley, and their friend’s Yellow Lab, Tiller, kept running in and out of the ceremony insisting someone throw the tennis ball for them.


Daughter hugs her mother after the elopement wedding ceremony on the Island, MA

Daughter hugs her mother after the wedding ceremony.

I feel honored to have photographed their story and loved what Angelina had to say about having her daughter there with her…. “There were so many memorable moments during the day to pick just one is difficult. The one that really sticks out though would be having my daughter accompany me to the ceremony spot. She has been with me through all of the big changes in my life, some good, some bad. To have her by my side for another big change was really fantastic and a wonderful experience!”


Cheers! A toast after the wedding ceremony on an Island, MA

Cheers! A toast after the wedding ceremony.


Elopement portrait with new family members on the Island, MA

“We chose Tuckernuck as our location because we met each other while both working on the island. Lindsey has built homes and is currently a caretaker of several properties over there. We met when I was hired to clean some of the houses he was in charge of. Lindsey was responsible for boating me over and getting me into the houses.” - Angelina


Groom carries new wife from the boat to the shore on an Island, MA

Newlyweds Lindsey, Angelina and their dog after the ceremony.