La Nos Fundos Event Space, Porto Alegre Elopement Photo Story Award


Under a beautiful canopy of trees, and a shower of tossed confetti, the couple enjoy their wedding celebration

On a beautiful day, under a canopy of trees, strings of lights, and a shower of tossed confetti, the bride and groom navigate their intimate wedding celebration. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, the couple was joyous with the presence of important guests.

A romantic wedding at La Nos Fundos in Porto Alegre was the perfect setting for a couple's special day. This rustic and intimate space was the ideal choice for their small, elegant celebration. The couple, referred to the team by a previous bride, was surrounded by loved ones full of joy. The primary focus of the day was the loving couple, who were able to share their special small wedding in this beautiful garden venue.

Documentary wedding image of groom preparing in mirror at Hotel Hilton-Porto Alegre

A talented wedding photographer captured the moment a groom readied himself for his special day in a hotel room mirror

The groom readied himself for the big day in a hotel room mirror at the Hilton in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Porto Alegre wedding photo of bride entrance at ceremony aisle at La nos Fundos

With skill, the wedding photographer captured the serene moment of the bride's entrance, with a smile on her face, as she gracefully walked down the aisle

In Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, the bride's triumphant entrance became a reality. Everything that was dreamed of and hoped for was frozen in time, creating memories that will remain in the hearts of both families forever.

Picture of emotion on groom as bride walked the aisle at a Rio Grande do Sul wedding ceremony

The unforgettable emotion of the groom as his bride walked down the aisle was captured in a stunning photograph by a Brazilian wedding photographer

At Lá nos Fundos, the warm glow of string lights created the perfect backdrop for the groom's first look at his beautiful bride. The emotion of the moment was unmistakable and unforgettable. Capturing these moments of joy, excitement, and tenderness will remain with the couple forever.

Rio Grande do Sul bride and groom at ceremony altar inside La Nos Fundos Event Space

A wedding reportage photographer captured a scene of warmth and charm, with the ceremony atmosphere illuminated by soft lights and warm colors

The bride and groom joined hands at the altar in an intimate wedding ceremony. The surrounding atmosphere was filled with warmth and charm. The room was decorated with soft lights and warm colors, creating a tranquil ambiance. As the couple exchanged their vows, a feeling of love and devotion filled the air.

Porto Alegre wedding image of a smiling Brazilian couple during ring ceremony

A documentary wedding photographer captured a touching moment of a couple smiling happily during their ring ceremony, their love radiating through their smiles

The bride and groom exchanged rings with loving looks and radiant smiles, a moment that will stay with them and their loved ones for many years to come.

Image of couple kissing at marriage ceremony in Brazil by an elopement photographer

At a marriage ceremony in Brazil, the newlyweds sealed their vows with a kiss, captured by an elopement photographer

The couple's ceremony kiss is a key component of their union celebration. This kiss symbolizes the start of the couple's new journey together and the fullness of their story. It is an important part of the marriage ceremony, marking the official start of their life together.

The couple exit and celebrate with guests at La Nos Fundos Event Space wedding venue

A newly wed couple celebrated their union with invited guests, their joyous exit from La Nos Fundos Event Space captured by a local wedding photographer

The newlyweds celebrated their marriage with joyous exuberance. As they exited the venue, the couple cheered and pumped their arms in the air, creating a scene of pure delight. Everyone present shared in their enthusiasm, basking in the blissful atmosphere of the special occasion.

Rio Grande do Sul wedding picture of loving couple in kiss with dip with cheering family and friends

The newlyweds enjoying their special day with another loving embrace and kiss, to the delight of their family and friends, captured forever by a local wedding photographer

The bride and groom shared a romantic kiss that will stay in their memory forever. They were surrounded by their loved ones, who cheered and celebrated their love. The joyful family and friends created a special moment that will never be forgotten.

picture of daughter of bride holding bouquet of flowers by Rio Grande do Sul wedding photographer

At a small elopement ceremony in Brazil, a wedding photographer captured a touching detail of the bride's daughter, showing her love and affection for mom, holding her bouquet of flowers

The detail of the bouquet of flowers being guarded by the bride's daughter, shows the love, care, and affection for her mother, an image with many meanings.