A France, Clohars-Carnoet, Seaside Port Resort Elopement Photo Story Award

Bride and groom posing for a wedding portrait by the coastal, rocky port after a Seaside church ceremony

Bride and groom posing at the beach for a wedding portrait by a coastal, rocky path | Seaside wedding photography

Knowing that their wedding day had finally arrived, Adrien and Florence are filled with joy as they pose for a portrait near the seaside. 

For far too many people, 2020 was the year that COVID-19 canceled. Florence and Adrian were two of those people, as they had to push back their original 2020 wedding date until 2021, when they felt it would be a safer time to gather and celebrate.

However, in June of 2021, so much still remained the same. There were sanitary restrictions that lingered in France, and they were once again forced to decide between postponing their wedding yet again or moving forward in spite of the challenges they faced.

They chose the latter, knowing that their marriage was always going to face unexpected hurdles. This would simply be the first one that they would take on together. In the end, they enjoyed a picture perfect day celebrating with their closest family members and friends in their seaside village of Doëlan sur Mer near Finistere, Brittany, France.

French Coastal Town picture of daughter transforming into bride right before moms eyes

Western France - Brittany, French Wedding Photographer | The brides mother gazes into the mirror during preparations

Florence's mother gazes into the mirror, absorbing more than just her own appearance. It seems as if she is reflecting on the passage of time, as she glances past the looking glass toward her daughter, who is transforming into a bride right before her eyes.

North Western France Elopment Photography of video phone connecting guests who could not be at celebration in person

Clohars-Carnoët, Finistère, Brittany Wedding Picture | Family uses phone and video technology

Family members rely on technology to connect with guests who were unable to attend the celebration in-person. 

French BW photography of bride getting dressed to enjoy her wedding day

Clohars-Carnoet bride picture from Finistere Brittany | The brides gown is billowing around her

With her gown billowing around her, the bride takes a moment to put on her shoes. Her carefree, relaxed nature proves that she is ready to enjoy every aspect of her wedding day.

French Church Elopement picture in BW of a Brittany bride smiling with look of expectation on the her face

Photography of Bride at Marriage in Clohars-Carnoët | The brides father walked his daughter down the church aisle

While the bride's father was required to wear a face mask as he walked his daughter down the aisle at the church in Clohars-Carnoët, Florence's bright smile and look of expectation is on full display.

A French bridal picture following church elopment ceremony of bride taking a walk with young attendants

France, Brittany Bride Pic in Clohars-Carnoët near port of Doëlan | The bride walks through the village

Florence leaves the church and walks through the village with the assistance of some young attendants, who are eager to help her on her special day.

A French backyard reception Wedding Photo from Brittany of guests having Refreshing drinks in the sun

French Wedding Photographer for Brittany, France | Refreshing drinks during the backyard reception

The wedding guests enjoy company, conversation and refreshing drinks during the backyard reception.

A French bridal photo with a phone holding bouquet of flowers after seaside, coastal elopement

Bride Wedding Photography from Brittany, France | A look of surprise and excitement on her face

With a look of surprise and excitement on her face, the bride takes a phone from a friend who was not able to travel to the wedding.

Intimate French bride and groom portrait in BW from Brittany with shadowed groom juxtaposed by his bride

Intimate bride and groom portrait in Brittany | the shadowed groom is juxtaposed by his confident bride

The couple poses for an artistic portrait in their backyard garden, in which the shadowed groom is juxtaposed by his confident bride, who is bathed in sunlight.