Elopement Weddings - The Best Elopement Photographers


When two people are deeply in love and ready to commit their lives to one another, there is no reason to endure a year of planning and waiting for a lavish wedding. For many couples, elopement is the perfect blend of romance and magic with mystery and spontaneity. It allows them to seize the moment, take control of their destiny and create an experience that is uniquely theirs — one that is only shared with a few close friends or relatives, and captured by their photographer.

For wedding photojournalists, elopements are the perfect assignment. They are deeply personal, and the photographer is able to immerse themselves in the moment without compromising the integrity of the experience. The end result is powerful, captivating images that truly capture the depth and magnitude of the day.

From beachfront ceremonies to mountainside vows, elopements can take place in nearly any location. These WPJA Wedding Elopement Picture Stories showcase the beauty behind these intimate experiences. Discover the stories within each category to experience various elopements around the world.