Church of Sao Luis Gonzaga, Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Elopement Photo Story Award

Bride and groom in wedding limo transportation looking into each others eyes before kissing

Bride and groom in wedding limo

When this couple was able to escape the pressure of being center stage, they enjoyed an intimate moment together on the way to their reception. During this seemingly normal, mundane experience, they indulged in a romantic moment that was filled with yearning passion.

As is the case with most people who are young and in love, this couple awaited their wedding day with a sense of anticipation and wonder. By hosting their wedding in the São Luís Gonzaga Parish in the Jardim Botânico neighborhood, they were able to create an atmosphere of loving support as they said their vows and became husband and wife. 

Brazil bride getting dressed at Belle Signature for a Casa de Beleza wedding in Porto Alegre RS

Belle Signature bride preparing at Casa de Beleza of Porto Alegre RS

As the final details are prepared prior to the wedding ceremony, the bride stands with her elegant train cascading behind her. The fine lace details take center stage in his portrait, which aims to highlight the grandeur of her wedding gown.

A single candle burns at the church of Saint Louis Gonzaga during a marriage wedding ceremony

Church of Saint Louis Gonzaga wedding ceremony with candles

Serving as the focal point for this photograph as well as for the Christian wedding ceremony, this candle symbolizes unity and new life.

A groom from Brazil is getting ready for his wedding ceremony entrance at Church of Saint Louis Gonzaga

Groom almost ready for wedding ceremony at Church of Saint Louis Gonzaga

In this fleeting moment that occurred in the background, a family member helps to adhere the boutonniere to the groom's label. 

The grand church entrance for a Brazilian bride at Saint Louis Gonzaga

Church entrance of the bride at Saint Louis Gonzaga

With the doors wide open revealing the lively neighborhood in the distance, the bride begins her graceful walk down the aisle. She has linked arms with her father and intends to follow the young attendants toward her groom — the moment she has been waiting for has finally arrived.

A Brazilian groom is waiting for his bride at the church altar of Saint Louis

A Christian wedding ceremony image from the Brazil Church of Saint Louis

The groom as well as the couple's closest family members wait at the edge of the altar for the bride to arrive. They know that the ceremony to follow will be spectacular, but the anticipation during this moment is palpable.

Brazilian couple before wedding ceremony kiss in the church of Saint Louis

Brazilian bride and groom about to kiss at their wedding ceremony in the church of Saint Louis

The bride and groom lean in for that first sweet kiss, one in which they will finally taste the beauty of wedded bliss. 

A Brazilian bride and groom leave church of Saint Louis, Brazil after wedding ceremony

The happy bride and groom exit the wedding at the church of Saint Louis, Brazil

As the bride soaks up the view of her closest family members and friends celebrating their new marriage, the groom looks proudly at his incredible bride. The anticipation and wait was well worth it — they are finally husband and wife.

A romantic first dance for the bride and groom at wedding venue Casa de Festas Hits, Canoas, Brazil

Dance floor first dance for the bride and groom at Casa de Festas Hits in Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

The newlyweds take to the dance floor at the Casa de Festas Hits in Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Dipping his bride in a dramatic and romantic fashion, the groom proves that she is the only one in the room that he is focused on. Meanwhile, none of the guests can tear themselves away from this incredible moment unfolding before their eyes.