Chamonix, French Alps Elopement Photo Story Award

Chamonix wedding photography - The couple wanted to get married in front of the Mer de Glace

The couple's guests watched in awe as they said their vows in a beautiful snow-filled alpine setting during their elopement wedding

This couple wanted to get married in front of the Mer de Glace in Chamonix with only very close family (18 people). Unfortunately, the weather was not very nice, but they didn’t care at all and had both a happy and beautiful day.

All the guests sat on the outdoor deck during the elopement wedding in Chamonix, surrounded by breathtaking, snow-filled scenery.


Bridal preparation for elopement in Chamonix

The bride sits patiently with her eyes closed as she gets her makeup done in a warmly-lit room in preparation for her elopement in Chamonix.


Chamonix, France preparation of the groom before elopement ceremony

The groom cannot contain his excitement about his elopement and a smile spreads across his face as he gets a bit of help adjusting his tie before the ceremony.


The bride entrance with wind at Chamonix, France

The bride certainly got to make a dramatic entrance to the ceremony as a huge gust of wind blew her long hair straight up into the air. But this is a happy day and she’s still smiling, completely un-phased and ready to walk down the aisle.


Couple during the elopement ceremony at Chamonix, France

The bride and groom meet each other at the altar and open their arms wide to greet each other during the ceremony, surrounded by an archway of flowers.


The bride and her bridemaids before elopement in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

Two bridesmaids bend their heads down in concentration as they work on perfectly laying the tulle of the wedding gown. In the other room, the groomsmen wait with their backs turned.


Good time during the meal after the elopement ceremony in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

The newlyweds and their small group of guests have a wonderful time during their meal. The groom has a good laugh with his friends, and the bride and other guests take this chance to visit and talk with one another in this intimate, private location.  


Mother and son hugging at Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France elopement wedding

The mother of the groom looks like she’s never been happier as she embraces her son in an enormous hug during the reception at Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France.


Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France | Party time dancing for the elopement couple

The bride laughs and playfully lifts a guest's tie, bringing him to the dance floor as the guests begin dancing the night away and partying together in celebration of this special day.