Casaria Restaurant, São Paulo, Brazil Elopement Photo Story Award

Photo from a Small Elopement Wedding After the ceremony with a toast to the bride and groom with drinks

After the ceremony, the bride and groom toasted with drinks broadcast live via Zoom to friends and family around the world

After the ceremony, a big toast for the bride and groom.

COVID19 pandemic turned the life of Katlem and Hermes upside down. They were planning a big wedding, but instead they have to postpone the plans and in the meantime they had a beautiful little baby. One year after the date they originally planned, they did this very intimate ceremony, and a lunch at Casaria, a charming restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil.

Every little detail of the wedding was carefully taken care of, the wedding dress was made by the Hermes' mother, the ceremony was conducted by Katlem's father, and the guests are just the close families, but the wedding was broadcasted live via zoom to friends and family all over the world.

A little wedding with a lot of love, delicious food, and two happy families that now became one with a new member to bring joy to everyone.

What else can we wish for?


Wedding Photographer in Sao Paulo | Elopement gown made by her mother-in-law

The bride taking down the wedding dress made by her mother-in-law.

Casaria Restaurant, Sao Paulo Brazil Elopement Venue Image of bride climbing stairs at wedding ceremony

Top São Paulo Wedding Photography | A detail of the brides shoe

A detail of the bride's shoe as she climbs the stairs at the Casaria Restaurant in São Paulo.

Destination Brazilian Wedding picture of ceremony at restaurant venue location

Destination Brazilian Wedding Photographer | The ceremony took place at a restaurant

The ceremony took place at the restaurant. The bride, and a very emotional groom, listen to the words said by her father.

Wedding Couple Portrait Session in Sao Paulo, Brazil shows The joy of a newly wed couple

Wedding Couple Portrait Session in São Paulo, Brazil | The joy of a newly wed couple

The joy of a newly wed couple deserves a portrait full of smiles.