Villa Martinelli, Mapello Wedding Photographers

Villa Martinelli, Mapello Wedding Event Photography:

"The wedding day is a unique and precious event in the life of many which encompassemotions and feelings and we wish it will remain the same through the passing of time.

A perfect mechanism, the alchemy that takes shape together with those who are open to listening to it.It is made of colors, fragrances, scents but, overall, wishes.

Three dream-like villas that cherish the charm of ancient times and will provide only the bestto celebrate your most important day.

Dimore del Gusto will accompany you through each unique and unforgettable step of the way.

An all-inclusive bundle will meet all your needs. The choice of the VILLA, its restaurant, the flowers, the gardens.The perfect menu will be thought out to satisfy the most demanding palateand China, complementing the dining room, will enrich your ever so elegant and chic tables."