Espaco Provincia, Nova Lima Wedding Photographers

For over 10 years in the market, Espaço Province, Nova Lima was created with the purpose of providing a unique experience to customers and their guests, providing an environment with a refined green area and, at the same time, very close to Belo Horizonte.

Their space is extremely modelable, featuring three different and integrated environments. The former called the antique shop, is a cozy, rustic, covered lounge with an 18th-century Baroque altar and a winter garden with wrought iron railing.

The Antiquarian gives access to their second space, the Great Hall. It is an incredible space of approximately 340 square meters, with all granite flooring and stone-to-stone closure, with access to the conservatory and the outer space. 

The outdoor area is their environment with the most expressive landscaping, with a wonderful garden with more than 50 species of plants that enable an intimate and charming event. In this space, they have our deck, a higher place that is ideal for creating special environments or for wedding ceremonies, and we also have the famous square of jabuticabeiras, exactly where the sun sets, making daytime events even more unforgettable and a great setting to create magical Nova Lima wedding photography.