Member Testimonials

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Kim Chapman, Maine

I wanted you to know that I just returned from the most beautiful place in the world...Punta Cana, Dominican Republic! Thanks to WPJA, I was fortunate enough to be hired for this beautiful destination wedding. It was such a dream come true for me! I never would have landed this if it wasn't for WPJA. I look forward to my upcoming destination wedding in St. Thomas as well. Dreamy! Thank you so much for giving me these amazing opportunities!

Shane Snider, North Carolina

My business is really taking off because of the WPJA membership. This is the first year I really advertised and started the business in earnest. Traffic to my Web site was painfully slow until I was listed on the WPJA site. I just signed a bride and groom last night who were referred through WPJA - this was my first "Platinum Package" sale. I'm getting at least two to three serious inquiries a week just from WPJA traffic. My wife was worried about me spending the money to join, but she agrees now that this is by far the best thing we could have done for the business.

Thanks for everything you do.

Shane Snider, North Carolina

Just wanted to share this latest WPJA benefit...

Contact Form Submittal: "As the editorial director of Kodak Propass Magazine, Kodak's online magazine for professional photographers,I'm always looking for photographers who bring a fresh perspective to their craft. I was wondering if you ever use any Kodak product, be it paper or film, and if so, if you'd care to be featured at some point in time. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm regards, Cindy R."