Member Testimonials

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Ben Chrisman, South Carolina

I'm very excited to be part of WPJA. I feel like I've found 'my' community amongst the wedding photographers...I am happy to be a part of a wedding photographer community which doesn't feel the need to stage situations which are more beautiful when left alone. My main problem with traditional wedding photography is that I do not feel I can believe any of it as truthful. That has changed since being a part of WPJA.

Brett Butterstein, Southern California

Thanks to everyone at WPJA for all of your hard work! I get a ton of bookings from my listings with you and know many of my colleagues do as well. Now if I could only get my gangsta necklace...

David Crane, Southern California

I just received my very nice [WPJA] tee and check for the summer contest. Thank-you! I'd also like to thank-you for the fine service you provide. I am a full-time newspaper shooter and freelance editorial shooter, but I must say, the response for my wedding photography has been overwhelming since joining your ranks. Clients who find me through the WPJA already know exactly what I am about. No hour long dissertations on the difference between my style and that of a studio shooter! THANK-YOU! Keep up the great work, I will add the wpja logo to my web site just as soon as I have the time.

China Jorrin, New York (Upstate)

I am very happy with my lisiting with you. Since I joined (Oct. 2003) I have received the most inquiries for WPJA than any of the other wed sites that I am listed with.

Robin Shotola, Maryland

Just wanted to let you know how much I value my WPJA membership, and to thank you and your staff for all the work you do to keep the organization running.

Being a WPJA member has had an incredible effect on my business. I'm getting more inquiries and bookings than I ever have before because of WPJA's great publicity, a well organized website, and all of the great advertising - word-of-mouth and otherwise. Entering the contests and seeing the work of other members has pushed me to a new level creatively.

But the best part about being a WPJA member and the high ethical standards of the organization is that when I'm booked or (God forbid) unable to shoot an event because of an emergency, I know that I have an entire network of like-styled and, more importantly, like-minded photographers who I would absolutely trust to take my place. In fact, I don't even refer clients to non-WPJA photographers anymore.

Anyway, keep up the great work and, as always, if there's anything I can do from Baltimore/DC, just ask.

Shannon Harthen, Michigan

I LOVE WPJA!!! My business has tripled since I became a member! I love the quality of brides that WPJA brings to my website. They are educated in photography and know what style of photographer they are looking for! Since being accepted into WPJA - my website traffic has exploded!


Kevin Quinlan, Maryland

Let me start off by saying that although I have only been a WPJA member for a short period of time, I am very impressed with the organization. I have already booked a few weddings directly through the WPJA.

Alex Zeevi-Christian, New York (City/Metro)

....I also wanted to thank you and your team for the fabulous job you have done with WPJA.

Your website contributed tremendously to my photography.

David Murray, Georgia

... Also, again wanted to say thanks for all your fine work in launching and promoting the wpja. We now use it as our referral site. If we are busy for a date we send the client to the wpja and say those are the photographers we would recommend. Hope to meet you some day.

Danielle Richards, New Jersey

Just a quick note to thank you for the great service and updates to the website. I always make a point to ask clients where they found me, and so far I've booked three weddings as a direct result of WPJA -- and I've been a member for less than a year! Keep up the great SEO work and I will definitely be renewing my membership later this year.