Member Testimonials

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Sarah Whitmeyer, North Carolina

I received a call from a bride the very first day I was listed on the site!

I was so amazed, I felt obligated to testify :)

Karri North, Canada

Over the past year of membership I've been pleasantly surprised at the amount of positivity that comes from my association with the WPJA. Not only am I drawing in clients who are truly interested in and appreciative of the art of photography, but I seem to gain both trust and prestige in the eyes of my clients/potential clients when I direct them to the WPJA website to explore the incredible images posted there.

I use the site for my own inspiration all the time.

Thank you WPJA and all you photographers that make it up!!

Juliana Wiklund, Sweden

Last weekend I had, by far, the most fun and most loving wedding this year.

Although the couple was very famous and many celebrities were amongst their guests, they treated me with the highest respect a photographer could ever wish for. How did they get in touch with me? Through WPJA!

As they are from England and the wedding would be held in Sweden, they just searched the Internet for "Wedding Photographer Sweden" and when the WPJA site came up first in the search motor, they were deeply impressed by the respect and seriousness it transmitted. From that point, it was just to choose the Swedish photographer from the WPJA that was most adequate to their needs.

Thank you for sending me this wonderful couple and giving me the opportunity to show them the beautiful pictures that can be gotten when they hire one WPJA professional!

Warm greetings from Sweden

Peter Doyle, Pennsylvania

Thanks for the updates, I would be spending more time updating my listing and reading news and such on WPJA... but the site works so well for me I'm too busy!

Aurel Virlan, Romania

I'm a very new member of the WPJA... For me it is an honor and I feel proud when somebody finds me from the WPJA.

The WPJA is a wonderful world of photography... I spend hours just watching amazing moments, faces, details...

Michelle Robinson, North Carolina

Only one day with WPJA and I already got an inquiry from a bride.

How awesome!

David Crane, Southern California

...thanks again for a great site and support. Clients who find me through the WPJA site are always great to work with and make my job so much easier because they know exactly what to expect, my membership in the WPJA has been one of the best moves I have made.

Philip Thomas, Southern Texas

I'm humbled and I'm still pinching myself to be part of the WPJA. I have a long way to get where I want to be, and even then I will always be striving to get to the next level. So thank you for the opportunity.

You write how other photographers in the WPJA refer others when they're booked-and that's exactly what happened to me when a kindly WPJA photographer referred me to a Houston couple who came to San Antonio to have their wedding with family & friends. A good example of the WPJA team, as you put it.

I've been a photographer for 15 years but just started capturing weddings just a year ago when my passion for documenting weddings rather than the traditional style-which was such a turn off-changed. I wanted to physically vomit just thinking about it.

Thank you for accepting me into a great organization.

Ce Conner, Southern California

I am so glad to be part of the wpja. I can't tell you how many quality clients I get from wpja as well as the networking I have done. I have already shot some weddings with members of wpja for weddings I travel to and need a second shooter who is local to that area. I know the quality of their work even before I work with them.

Thank you for putting this together and "coaching" us. I just renewed my membership and couldn't fathom not doing so.

Rich Janniello, New York (City/Metro)

Just a quick note to say thank you for creating such a fantastic organization. The WPJA is my #1 referral source and I couldn't imagine my business without it. Thanks again!