Wedding Photos of Sunlight and shadows

The following “Sunlight and shadows” images were created by documentary wedding photographers from the WPJA, who regularly submit their best candid moments, artistic portraits, details, and scene setters for review by our WPJA competition judges.


Some of the “Sunlight and shadows” marriage photography samples below may have come from the getting ready events, the actual wedding ceremony, the reception after-party, an engagement session with the couple, or possibly be artistic portraits or detail shots.

FINE ART WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Our Artistic Guild award winners take a more creative approach to wedding day Portraits and use their innovative skills to capture the Details of each couple’s special day. The Artistic Guild’s Scene Setters are some of the most notable and breathtaking from within the artistic WPJA contest categories. Playing with light and shadow, special effects, and post-production editing, these images embrace the artistic component of wedding photography.

PRE-WEDDING ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY: The story of every couple starts long before the wedding day, and the engagement marks one of the most important milestones in their story. Engaged couples often want to celebrate the occasion and announce their upcoming wedding with a photoshoot. Pre-wedding portraits of an engaged couple can be just as moving and compelling as the images taken on the wedding day. Engagement portraits can win a Diamond Award, an exclusive WPJA award whose winner is selected from the best engagement photography in the world.

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Engagement portrait in Nice, France captured by a top pre wedding photographer. The couple poses in the sunlight and shadows, highlighting the city's beautiful backdrop.
Love Alight in Nice: Unveiling Romance in the Heart of France's Riviera
Engaged in the enchanting backdrop of a medieval castle in Brescia, this soon-to-be-wed couple embraces each other while capturing their love with a talented Brescia wedding photographer.
Brescia's Medieval Castle: A Captivating Engagement Portrait of Love
In this stunning black and white image, this intimate couple is enveloped in a tender embrace, surrounded by the architectural beauty of Bergamo. Captured by a talented Bergamo wedding photographer.
In this stunning black and white image, this intimate couple is enveloped in a tender embrace, surrounded by the architectural beauty of Bergamo. Captured by a talented Bergamo wedding photographer
Romantic pre-wedding photo of a couple at Lyon parc Blandan, taken by a Lyon wedding photographer. The high angle shot captures them walking in the beautiful sunlight.
Loving Steps in Lyon: Capturing Romance at Parc Blandan
In the scenic location of Baeza, Jaén, Spain, a couple enjoys a pre-wedding photoshoot filled with sunlight. The radiant bride-to-be leans gracefully against a striking stone wall, while her soon-to-be husband stands as a silhouette in the foreground.
A Captivating Engagement Portrait: Love Illuminated in Baeza, Jaén, Spain
Black and white portrait of the groom, standing elegantly by a grid of window shadows at Château de La Ferté sur Aujon on his wedding day
Shadowed Elegance: The Groom's Timeless Charisma Shines at Château de La Ferté Sur Aujon
At Tours, a couple stands in the shade of trees. Dappled sunlight filters through the branches, illuminating their skin. They pose for a portrait on their wedding day.
The Idyllic Embrace: A Captivating Wedding Portrait Amidst Tree-Enveloped Tours
A couple embraces the timeless beauty of Hampstead Heath Pergola in London, sitting serenely among the arches, basking in the soft shadows
Romantic Embrace: Captivating Engagement Portrait amidst Hampstead Heath Pergola's Timeless Splendor
Engaged couple gracefully dances amidst a stunning steel sculpture in Palo Alto, California. Warm sunlight enhances the sculpture's burgundy and rust tones, creating a timeless portrait.
A Captivating Symphony: Engaged Couple's Graceful Dance Embraces Palo Alto's Steel Sculpture Amidst a Sunlit Haven
A stunning wedding photo taken at Domaine Le Mezo in France. The bride stands at the stone stairs, holding a beautiful bouquet as the sunset creates a romantic ambiance.
Captivating Romance at Domaine Le Mezo: Bride's Bouquet Shines on Stone Stairs as Sunsets
A couple bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun in Cortona, Italy during their engagement photo shoot
Captured Moments: Love Illuminated in the Radiant Sunset of Cortona, Italy
The engagement portrait was taken at Chateau de Valmy in Argelès-sur-Mer, showcasing the couple standing in front of a white wall with shadow stripes, while joyfully laughing together
Chateau de Valmy Engagement Portrait: A Joyful Couple Laughing in front of a Striped White Wall
The couple embraced in the sun in Chartres, as the bride-to-be kissed her groom-to-be's neck
Chartres couple embraces in the sun as bride-to-be kisses groom-to-be's neck
Engagement photography session set against the picturesque backdrop of beautifully shadowed silhouettes and sunlit stone walls in Bergamo, Italy
Bergamo, Italy Engagement Photography: Beautifully Shadowed Silhouettes and Sunlit Stone Walls
A couple stands in front of a glass window, posing with their bikes, in a black and white photograph taken in Nantes
Black and white photo of couple posing with bikes in Nantes, captured through glass window
The love between the engaged couple as they explore Baños de Popea, a beautiful forest setting in Córdoba, Spain, basking in the warm sunlight and playing with the captivating interplay of shadows
Baños de Popea: Engaged couple's love captured in a beautiful forest setting in Córdoba, Spain
In the wedding portrait, the bride gracefully reclines on a bed of flowers, beautifully framed by the warm, golden afternoon sun and contrasting stark shadows
Wedding Portrait in San Francisco: Bride Reclines Gracefully on Bed of Flowers in Golden Afternoon Light
 The Bund in Shanghai, China is the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable minimalist lifestyle portrait session for a beautiful couple under the sunlight, radiating joy and smiles
A minimalist engagement portrait of a blissful couple, smiling in the sunlight at The Bund in Shanghai, China, captures a timeless moment of joy
At Hambacher Schloss, a light and motion portrait was captured in sunlight of a couple near the castle looking building
A beautiful modern wedding portrait of a couple in sunlight was captured near a castle-like building
The gentle sunlight highlighted the warm embrace of the bride and her guests at the Manoir de Vacheresses in Centre-Val de Loire, France
The warm embrace of the bride and guests was beautifully captured by an artistic wedding photographer
The loving couple enjoyed the sun shining in their apartment in Lyon, France, while sitting on the floor by the window
The couple's joyous engagement was captured in a stunning portrait by a professional photographer, highlighting the sun-filled moment
This loving couple's wedding engagement portrait at Crémieu, France is truly special, set against a backdrop of shadows and sunshine playing off a beautiful stone wall
This romantic lifestyle engagement portrait of a soon-to-be-married couple in Crémieu, France captures a special moment in time with dynamic light creating an enchanting atmosphere
The bride and groom's profiles in the Tuscan town of Florence could be seen before their reception, the groom in full silhouette against and the bride illuminated in the sunlight
A wedding photographer captured the remarkable sight of the bride illuminated in the sunlight and the groom in full silhouette before their reception
A couple posed for an engagement pre-wedding announcement picture on the beach near Maceió, Brazil, with a crucifix in a blue sky backdrop
Maceió, Brazil: Couple Engagement Pre-Wedding Picture with Crucifix in Blue Sky
The couple embrace in a romantic crescent of light for their save-the-date engagement announcement portrait in Crémieu, France
Crémieu, France: Engagement Announcement Portrait of Couple Embracing in Romantic Crescent of Light
The couple posed for their pre-wedding engagement announcement picture in Venice, Italy at Fondamenta degli incurabili, with a brick wall and shadows as the backdrop
Venice, Italy - Fondamenta degli incurabili pre-wedding lifestyle portrait session for couple in the sun with shadows
The couple enjoyed a creative portrait session at Parrys, Chennai, India, featuring a serious street portrait with sunglasses on and harsh sun creating dramatic shadows
At Parrys, Chennai, India, the couple posed for a creative portrait, donning sunglasses and basking in harsh sun's dramatic shadows
A couple will be tying the knot soon after getting engaged in the sunny city of Chartres
In Chartres, a sunny city, a couple soon to be wed, were recently engaged
The engaged couple are captured in a lifestyle pre wedding portrait in the sunlight and shadows of the large stone building with its round window of repeating patterns in Baeza, Jaén, Spain
In Baeza, Jaén, Spain, the engaged couple pose for a lifestyle portrait in the sunlight and shadows of a large stone building