Wedding Photos of Chartres Engagement Photography

The following “Chartres Engagement Photography” images were created by documentary wedding photographers from the WPJA, who regularly submit their best candid moments, artistic portraits, details, and scene setters for review by our WPJA competition judges.


Some of the “Chartres Engagement Photography” marriage photography samples below may have come from the getting ready events, the actual wedding ceremony, the reception after-party, an engagement session with the couple, or possibly be artistic portraits or detail shots.

FINE ART WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Our Artistic Guild award winners take a more creative approach to wedding day Portraits and use their innovative skills to capture the Details of each couple’s special day. The Artistic Guild’s Scene Setters are some of the most notable and breathtaking from within the artistic WPJA contest categories. Playing with light and shadow, special effects, and post-production editing, these images embrace the artistic component of wedding photography.

PRE-WEDDING ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY: The story of every couple starts long before the wedding day, and the engagement marks one of the most important milestones in their story. Engaged couples often want to celebrate the occasion and announce their upcoming wedding with a photoshoot. Pre-wedding portraits of an engaged couple can be just as moving and compelling as the images taken on the wedding day. Engagement portraits can win a Diamond Award, an exclusive WPJA award whose winner is selected from the best engagement photography in the world.

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A couple embraces in a romantic forest setting captured by a top Chartres engagement photographer.
Enchanting Love Story Unveiled: Captivated by the Charms of Chartres' Majestic Forest – A Delicate Portrait of Union by an Acclaimed Engagement Photographer!
At Chartres, a couple cuddles in the salon, relaxing at home on the couch. They exude warmth and happiness as they prepare for their upcoming wedding.
Celestial Love: A Captivating Engagement Portrait of Chartres Couple Radiating Joy On Their Cozy Home Haven
A couple embraces and cuddles in their apartment during an engagement photo shoot in Chartres
Cherishing Love's Intimate Abode: Chartres' Engaged Couple Embrace in Tender Moments within their Apartment Walls
A couple cuddles in their apartment during an engagement photo shoot in Chartres
Embracing Love: Captivating Moments of Endearment Shared in Chartres' Enchanting Engagement Photo Shoot
In Chartres, a couple opted for an engagement portrait and chose to pose in front of a local storefront
Engagement Portrait in Chartres: Local Storefront Makes for Quaint Backdrop
The couple embraced in the sun in Chartres, as the bride-to-be kissed her groom-to-be's neck
Chartres couple embraces in the sun as bride-to-be kisses groom-to-be's neck
The couple on a street in Chartres, captured in a creative slow shutter photograph by the engagement photographer
Engagement Photographer Captures Creative Slow Shutter Photograph of Street in Chartres
 The couple embraces in front of a car in Chartres for their engagement portrait
The couple embraced, posing for their engagement portrait in front of a car in Chartres
A couple love session at a Chartres landscape with dramatic skies
Chartres landscape's dramatic skies witness a couple's love session
Chartres engagement session of a couple atop a cliff sharing a kiss
Chartres: Engagement session atop cliff, couple sharing kiss amid clouds
A Chartres couple cuddle in nature in this black and white love session portrait
Chartres: Cuddling couple portrait in nature's black & white scene
Chartres intimate engagement portrait of a couple at their apartment
Chartres: Intimate engagement portrait captures couple in their apartment; her head tilted back, he tenderly touches her neck
The couple lovingly embraced in the grass, their faces close together in an intimate pose, as they posed for a lifestyle engagement portrait in Chartres
In Chartres, France, the couple posed for a lifestyle engagement portrait, embracing lovingly
The couple cuddled casually and relaxedly in the grass, the woman's deep red dress flowing gracefully in front of them in the lifestyle engagement portrait taken in Chartres
In Chartres, France, the couple cuddled gracefully in a lifestyle engagement session in an open field
The couple passionately share a romantic kiss in front of the cathedral in Chartres, France, for their lifestyle engagement portrait
In Chartres, France, the couple shared a kiss for a lifestyle engagement portrait
The couple embraced while he ran his fingers through her hair in an open grass field, captured in a lifestyle engagement portrait in Chartres during a romantic rainy session
In Chartres, a romantic rainy lifestyle session captured an engaged couple embracing with him running his fingers through her hair
The couple cuddled in the grass, with his hand behind her neck and her arm around his, for a lifestyle engagement portrait in Chartres
In Chartres, France, the couple embraced on the grass during a lifestyle engagement portrait session
A couple tenderly looks at each other near a graffiti heart-painted wall in Chartres, France during an engaged couple lifestyle session
The couple's loving gaze at each other, highlighted by a graffiti-painted heart on the wall, revealed the profoundness of their affection
An engaged couple had a romantic lifestyle session in Chartres, France, which included a dip on a small arched bridge
The engaged couple danced and kissed on a small arched bridge like Broadway dancers