Top 9 Umbria Wedding Photographers for 2019

Page Updated: February 3rd, 2019

These are the award-winning Umbria wedding photographers of the Wedding Photojournalist Association who are setting and exceeding the standard for reportage-style documentary wedding photography today.

Andrea Cittadini Photography - Umbria, Italy
Francesca Vitulano Umbria Wedding Photographer
Danilo Coluccio is working mostly in Siderno as a photographer for marriage wedding ceremonies
Luca Panvini is a wedding photographer from Roma specializing in reportage
Marco Odorino photographs Italy weddings
Italian Massimiliano Esposito feels at home photographing weddings around Lazio and Rome
 Francesco Marinelli is a wedding photojournalist serving Italy, Apulia, Taranto and the Apulian countryside.
Italia Wedding photographer Luca Cappellaro went to Istituto Superiore di Fotografia at Rome
Giuseppe De Angelis wedding photography - Italia WPJA