Top 9 Pennsylvania Wedding Photographers for 2019

Page Updated: February 3rd, 2019

These are the award-winning Pennsylvania wedding photographers of the Wedding Photojournalist Association who are setting and exceeding the standard for reportage-style documentary wedding photography today.

Meg Brock is a Philadelphia wedding photographer covering all of Pennsylvania.
Pittsburgh wedding photographer Erica Dietz for all of Pennsylvania
Joseph Gidjunis is a PA wedding photojournalist.
Peter Doyle has been taking photos for over 20 years and focuses on PA wedding photography.
Aga Matuszewska, PA Wedding Photojournalist
Pennsylvania and Philadelphia are home to wedding photographer Colleen Stepanian
Michelle M. Peters, a WPJA wedding photographer from PA, was focusing on her creative side at a young age.
Danette Pascarella has been documenting weddings in NJ for over 7 years
Michelle Arlotta is a New Jersey wedding photographer of the WPJA
New Jersey wedding photographer Todd Laffler.
New Jersey Wedding Photography by Kelly Giardina
New York City is home to wedding photographer Blazej Sendzielski
Long Island Wedding Photographer Yun Li
North Carolina Wedding Photographer Brooke Mayo
Kristy May photographs both New York and New Jersey weddings.
Olya Vysotskaya has a lifelong involvement with fine art, wedding and documentary photography in CT and NY.
A documentary approach to NJ weddings by Adena Stevens
Edward Dye came from a performing arts photographer family and now focuses on NYC weddings.
Jorge Garcia has been capturing wedding day photography memories in NJ for years
Bill Xie photographs weddings from Brooklyn, NY
Kevin Quinlan is a MD based unobtrusive wedding photojournalist with a background in fine arts.
Louis Schroder is a full time wedding photojournalist in New Jersey.
Nick Giardina is a Middlesex, New Jersey wedding photographer.
New Jersey wedding photographer, with a journalistic-style, William West.
Washington DC Wedding Photographer Anji Martin