Top 9 East Midlands Wedding Photographers for 2019

Page Updated: February 3rd, 2019

These are the award-winning East Midlands wedding photographers of the Wedding Photojournalist Association who are setting and exceeding the standard for reportage-style documentary wedding photography today.

England and Northamptonshire are home to wedding photographer Aaron Storry
Leicestershire Wedding Photojournalist Ian Bursill
Martin Makowski is from England/UK and photographs weddings for the bride and groom in his unique reportage style.
Mark Wallis shoots documentary and reportage wedding photography in the UK.
Northamptonshire wedding reportage by Jordanna Marston, of the UK
Hannah Hall Wedding Photography in England, East Midlands and Northamptonshire
Paul Mockford - UK Wedding Reportage Photographer
England and Derbyshire are the preferred wedding locations for reportage photographer Ashley Davenport
Martin Neeves is a Leicestershire wedding photographer now, but before that he was a staff photographer at newspapers.
Derbyshire wedding photographer, Ben Pollard
Hannah Walker is a UK based wedding reportage photographer serving England and Somerset.
Darren Lehane has a passion for London reportage wedding photography that started as candid street art with his camera
Cris Lowis shoots documentary weddings in United Kingdom, England and Staffordshire.
United Kingdom Wedding Photography in South Yorkshire by Ben West