2024 Top 20 Engagement Photographers Near Paris

Page Updated: June 13th, 2024

Find pre-wedding photographers in Paris who specialize in creative engagement portraits in natural environments, urban settings, indoors, and outdoors. They have expertise in natural lighting and can also bring lighting equipment.

Let the Wedding Photojournalist Association help you find the perfect Paris engagement photographer for a personalized pre-wedding photoshoot. Get to know your photographer's shooting style and build a strong rapport through a couple's photo session. This experience will help ease any anxiety or nerves you may have about your wedding day photography. Trust our professionals to guide you to the best locations and create custom and artistic engagement images that reflect your love story.

BW wedding photography, elopement coverage and engagement portraits by Castille Alma

Castille Alma is a talented wedding photographer known for her creative pre-wedding engagement portraits. She has a modern and artistic style that captures the romantic love story of each couple naturally and timelessly. Her photos are emotive and playful, telling a story that will be cherished forever.

Engagements + wedding and elopement photography by Jeremie Sangare

Jeremie Sangare is a skilled photographer who expertly captures the essence of couple connections through imaginative and vibrant lifestyle portraits. With a focus on urban environments, his candid and playful photos truly reflect the love and joy between couples before their wedding day.

Studio portrait of France wedding photographer Ariane Duplaceau

Ariane Duplaceau, a skilled wedding photographer in France, excels at capturing couples in diverse settings for creative engagement portraits. Inspired by photo books, she crafts unique and timeless images, focusing on authentic images filled with love and happiness.

Samantha Pastoor wedding photography

Samantha Pastoor is an engagement photographer who has a passion for art, architecture, and history. She particularly enjoys capturing couples in outdoor settings, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

French Wedding Photographer, Claire Wise

Claire Wise, a Nice-based wedding photographer with a blend of English and French influences, specializes in creative engagement portraits filled with romance and laughter. Drawing inspiration from her family's artistic background, Claire creates minimalistic frames and delivers stunning, artistic photos for couples to cherish.

Lifestyle portrait of French wedding photographer Elodie Micciche

Grenoble-based Wedding Photographer Elodie Micciche enjoys capturing playful couples in vibrant engagement sessions, especially in the dusk and sunset light. She specializes in authentic, personalized photos and holds a Master's degree in Language Sciences, enhancing her skills.

Black and white studio portrait of France wedding photographer Guillaume Planat

Guillaume Planat is a Montpellier-based wedding photographer trained in Montreal, specializing in capturing timeless portraits for engaged couples. His love for making engagement sessions in natural settings, combined with expertise in low sunset light, results in stunning visual legacies.

BW studio portrait of French wedding photographer Thomas Vigliano

Thomas Vigliano, an Annecy-based engagement photographer, specializes in natural light sessions with couples. With a background in outdoor sports and a passion for nature, he brings a diverse set of skills to his photography, capturing impactful and narrative-driven photos.

BW portrait of Paris wedding photographer Marie Carbonnier of the Île-de-France WPJA

Marie Carbonnier, a talented French photographer, excels at creating elegant engagement portraits of couples in various settings and locations. Inspired by pop culture, her unique and creative images captivate viewers. With a background in journalism, Marie's passion for photography has evolved into a career in wedding photography.

UK wedding reportage photography by Elodie Ruelleux-Dagorne

Elodie Ruelleux Dagorne, a wedding photographer, excels in capturing imaginative engagement portraits. Specializing in urban art-filled and industrial settings, she brings creativity to every shoot.

Nord wedding photography by Guillaume Leduc, a Hauts-de-France based member of the WPJA

Guillaume Leduc, a Cambrai-based photographer near Douai, specializes in creative engagement portraits in various Hauts-de-France locations. Originally capturing travel memories, his passion for technique, composition, and light grew. He especially enjoys shooting in graphic urban settings and during autumn foliage in parks.

Ronan Jégaden - France Wedding Reportage and Couple Engagement Portraits

Ronan Jégaden brings a fresh and modern approach to engagement photography, capturing couples in fun-filled and creative portraits. His environmental portraits seamlessly blend urban landscapes, serene nature walks, water reflections, and warm sunlight, resulting in bold compositions.

Lyon Wedding Photography by Elise Julliard of Rhone, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France

Elise Julliard is an engagement photographer who enjoys capturing couples in instants of happiness. She specializes in shooting during the afternoon with beautiful lighting. Elise particularly loves working with couples who are comfortable expressing their love through physical affection.

Engagement, Elopement and Wedding Photography by Nicolas Bernard

Nicolas Bernard is a creative engagement portrait photographer who specializes in lifestyle couple portraits. He excels at capturing couples in various settings and locations, often incorporating nature into his photos. His style is characterized by playful posing and a natural aesthetic.

France wedding photography by Patrick Moindjie of Paris

Patrick Moindjie, a wedding photographer, beautifully captures romantic love stories. His style and passion for nature shine through in his stunning engagement portraits. With a keen eye for detail, he crafts captivating photoshoots that capture the essence of every couple's unique connection.

France wedding and elopement photography by Charly Fromentin

Charly Fromentin is a wedding photographer known for his creativity in capturing engaging portraits of couples. With a penchant for beach scenes, lookout viewpoints, and the great outdoors, he brings a natural and picturesque element to his work.

Engagement, wedding and elopement photography by Jean-Baptiste Chauvin

Jean Baptiste Chauvin is a skilled photographer who has a special talent for taking beautiful pictures of couples. He loves to capture their playful and fun side while exploring stunning places like botanical gardens. His photos are like works of art that reflect the unique personalities of each couple.

France engagement, elopement, and wedding photography by Mehdi Djafer

Mehdi Djafer, a wedding photographer, channels his passion for historic buildings, design elements, and rural farm scenes into creative engagement portraits. His distinctive approach captures the beauty and charm of couples, showcasing their unique connection and surroundings in a truly special manner.

Engagement shoots + wedding photography and elopements by Luan Nguyen of France

Luan Nguyen is a talented photographer skilled at capturing the unique essence of couples in the great outdoors. His expertise lies in shooting engagement sessions in idyllic countryside settings, making the most of natural light and stunning night scenes.

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes wedding photography by Coralie Garavel of the France WPJA

Coralie Garavel is a passionate and experienced wedding and engagement photographer based in Lyon, France. With a background in the arts and a love for manual work, she brings a creative vision to her photography, capturing unique and personal portraits that reflect each couple's story.