2023 Top 4 Engagement Photographers Near Budapest

Page Updated: September 16th, 2023

Find pre-wedding photographers in Budapest who specialize in creative engagement portraits in natural environments, urban settings, indoors, and outdoors. They have expertise in natural lighting and can also bring lighting equipment.

Let the Wedding Photojournalist Association help you find the perfect Budapest engagement photographer for a personalized pre-wedding photoshoot. Get to know your photographer's shooting style and build a strong rapport through a couple's photo session. This experience will help ease any anxiety or nerves you may have about your wedding day photography. Trust our professionals to guide you to the best locations and create custom and artistic engagement images that reflect your love story.

Attila Ancsin of FeherLovOn Wedding and Elopement Photography Studio

Attila Ancsin is a photographer known for his creative vision in capturing couples in their natural surroundings, particularly in park settings. His ability to capture romantic and intimate instants, with couples comfortably nestled in each other's arms, has made him popular for creative engagement photo poses.

Small wedding event coverage by elopement photographer Michele Agostinis

Michele Agostinis is an engagement photographer who has a passion for capturing the love between romantic couples in beautiful locations like canalways, ancient cities, and architectural wonders. His photographs showcase the unique connection and joy shared by the couples he works with. He has a talent for creating stunning engagement portraits that evoke a sense of romance and wanderlust.

Wedding and elopement photography by Zsofia Rebicek - Light&Dreams

Zsofia Rebicek specializes in capturing creative engagement portraits of couples. With a preference for unique landscapes urban or in nature, she creates stunning images in beautiful environments. Zsofia's work is particularly inspired by the warm afternoon sunlight and the intimate connection between embracing couples.

Portrait of Gabor Kapuvari, an award-winning wedding photographer of Budapest, Hungary

Gabor Kapuvari, a Budapest-based wedding photographer, is renowned for his award-winning creative engagement portraits. With over 20 WPJA awards, his talent for capturing unique moments and details is highly praised.