2023 Top 30 Artistic Europe Wedding Photographers

Page Updated: July 12th, 2023

Discover the best artistic wedding photographers in Europe! These award-winning photographers are experts at creative and beautiful wedding day portraits of the couple, as well as capturing artistic detail shots.

Trust our WPJA Europe photographers to go above and beyond in providing unique and authentic images that truly reflect your love story. With their expertise in finding the perfect backdrop and their attention to detail, they will make sure nothing goes unnoticed.

Whether you're having a destination wedding or simply want a one-of-a-kind wedding photoshoot in nature, our photographers will capture your special day in the most imaginative and authentic way possible. Let the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association connect you with an artistic Europe wedding photographer to bring your wedding vision to life!

Centre-Val de Loire and Indre wedding photography by Gaelle Caré of France

Gaelle Caré is a vibrant wedding photographer who is inspired by the celebration of life. Her photography reflects this passion through bold and colorful compositions, contrasting elements, and minimalistic backgrounds. She excels in capturing tight shots, emphasizing the beauty of faces and intricate details. Her work also incorporates graphic lines, and bold designs to create visually captivating images.

Switzerland wedding photography by Monique De Caro

Monique De Caro is an artistic wedding photographer drawing from her experience in fashion and beauty photography. Her portrait sessions take place in unique and picturesque natural landscapes, creating a beautiful and peaceful environment. She particularly adores capturing romance and intimacy in beach scenes.

Studio portrait of Alexis Pauwels, a Wedding and Elopement Photographer

Alexis Pauwels is an artistic wedding photographer who specializes in capturing romantic and intimate pictures through his creative couple photo sessions. He has a particular love for black-and-white photography and enjoys creating artful and eye-catching tight shots of wedding details.

Wedding and Engagement Portrait Photographer Steven Herrschaft

Steven Herrschaft, a destination wedding photographer, brings a unique and less conventional style to his work. He has a creative vision that embraces bold and colorful designs, graphic lines, and geometric shapes. His artistic and bright detail shots and eye-catching compositions capture the essence of the wedding day.

Studio portrait of Italy wedding and couple engagement photographer Simone Bacci

Simone Bacci started out by attending photography classes and workshops that focused on weddings and ceremonies. In 2007, he opened his first professional studio. Known for his unique style and creative vision, Simone's photographs capture artful and eye-catching details of the day, showcasing graphic lines and bold designs. He excels at taking artistic wedding shots, and close-ups that fill the frame with beauty.

Luigi Rota, Wedding Photographer for Lombardy, Italy

Luigi Rota is an experienced wedding photographer with a family history in photography. He focuses on wedding reportage and utilizes digital techniques to capture artistic and visually captivating portraits. His color toned images have a dreamlike quality that sets them apart and creates an unreal and ethereal atmosphere.

Lifestyle portrait of Andy Sidders, an England Wedding Reportage Photographer of the UK WPJA

Andy Sidders is a wedding photographer from the UK, who has been in the industry for 10 years. He has taken photos at more than 150 weddings, and his experience in sports and concert photography has helped him capture the energy and love of the special day. Andy enjoys photographing reception venues, focusing on finding shots that showcase the overall scene.

Yohan Bettencourt Wedding Photography

Yohan Bettencourt is an accomplished wedding photographer who has been capturing beautiful moments around the world since 2012. His self-taught skills have allowed him to develop a unique style that truly captures the emotions of couples on their special day. Yohan particularly enjoys working with natural light in the late afternoon and creating artistic, intimate portraits of the wedding couple. He also has a passion for...

England engagement, wedding and elopement photography by Hollie Mateer of M and G Wedding Photography

Hollie Mateer is a couple portrait photographer who specializes in capturing close-up shots on wedding days. She is known for her ability to tell stories through her detailed photographs, especially focusing on hands. Hollie excels at shooting in natural and comfortable settings, creating beautiful and artistic portraits for couples to cherish.

Lifestyle portrait of Paolo Blocar, Wedding and Elopement Photographer of Aria di Foto

Paolo Blocar is an experienced wedding photographer who grew up in a family of photographers. Based in the city, he is passionate about technology, cinema, and traveling. Paolo particularly enjoys capturing the beauty of the golden hour and the soft, natural lighting during sunset and late afternoon. He takes pride in his ability to create unique and intimate portraits of wedding couples and also often focuses on tight...

Wedding photography and engagement portraits by Loic Bourniquel of France

Loic Bourniquel, an experienced wedding photographer in Europe, has been capturing moments for the past 6 years. His background in communication and years spent managing an Irish pub have shaped his creative vision and unique style. With a love for offbeat and unconventional shots, he excels at capturing stunning high angle drone shots and perfectly symmetrical and balanced images.

United Kingdom wedding reportage photography by Paul Tansley

Paul Tansley is a wedding photographer with over 14 years of experience, based in England. With a background in fashion magazine photography, Paul's expertise lies in creating beautiful and artistic portraits of couples, particularly in outdoor settings. He also has a passion for capturing moments in black and white.

Couple engagement photo sessions, wedding and elopement photography by Emre Nesli

Emre Nesli is a skilled wedding photographer known for his artistic approach. He specializes in destination weddings and is available for travel worldwide. Emre's style is characterized by magazine-like portraits with bold designs, graphic elements, silhouettes, and the creative use of reflective mirror surfaces.

Wedding, engagement and elopement photography by Natasha Lamalle

Natasha Lamalle is a wedding photographer with fifteen years of experience as a journalist. She has a keen eye for capturing authentic love and uses her skills to create stunning wedding day portraits. Natasha specializes in natural light photography, using techniques like side lighting and shadows to enhance the brightness and vibrancy of her photos.

Luca Fabbian is an experienced wedding photographer specializing in creative portraits. His artistic vision shines through with artful silhouettes, contrasting shadows, and great use of light. Luca particularly enjoys shooting bridal bouquets and capturing artistic wedding details. In post-production, he loves having the freedom to tone the images with warm sepia tones, giving them a unique and timeless feel.

Edoardo Agresti, a wedding photographer based in Florence, has a deep passion for photography that runs in his blood, thanks to his father.

wedding photography by Franck Petit

Franck Petit is a French wedding photographer with expertise since 2012. He finds inspiration in capturing joyful and loving moments, drawing from personal experiences. He relishes the artistic freedom that comes with his craft, particularly when photographing couples in rural landscapes with symmetrical framing for balanced, often in black and white images.

Metz wedding photography by Jonathan Fortuna of Grand Est, Moselle

Jonathan Fortuna is a French wedding photographer, specializing in reportage photography. He has been working as a freelance photographer since August 2018 and also enjoys being involved in the movie industry. He especially enjoys capturing fun and playful images of happy couples during their wedding day, creating energetic and exciting portraits.

Italy couple engagement sessions, wedding and elopement photography by Michela Bocciarelli - WeddingStudio

Michela Bocciarelli, an Italian wedding photographer, started her own company, WeddingStudio, in 2012. Combining her expertise in advertising graphics with a passion for capturing special moments on a wedding day, she takes pride in delivering satisfaction to her clients and capturing their genuine emotions. Additionally, Michela enjoys the creative freedom she has during the post-production process, where she adds soft and...

Spain engagement photo sessions + wedding and elopement photography by Rocio Sanchez

Rocio Sanchez, an Andalusian photographer, brings her artistic background as a violinist to her work. She believes that photography is a way to express her soul and excels at capturing spontaneous emotions and unique moments. Rocio's creative vision is reflected in her use of aerial drone shots, high angle perspectives, artful wedding details, extreme lighting, and eye-catching close-ups.

UK wedding reportage and engagement photography by Damion Mower

Damion Mower is a wedding reportage photographer based in England with a marketing and advertising background. He has a passion for creating artistic wedding couple portraits and finds inspiration in garden settings. Damion particularly enjoys working with warm lighting during the golden hour in the late afternoon and at sunset.

Zurich wedding photography by Mischa Baettig of Switzerland

Mischa Baettig is a professional wedding photographer from Switzerland who loves capturing the beauty of weddings. Mischa's photos are like something from a dream, with subtle colors and reflections that add an artistic touch. He especially loves taking stunning bridal portraits that showcase the bride's beauty.

UK wedding photography and elopements by Anna Mikulich

Anna Mikulich is an artistic wedding photographer based in England. She finds joy in exploring her creativity during bridal portrait sessions and capturing the unique beauty of each couple through her lens. Anna's photographs are known for their vibrant colors and close-up shots that fill the frame and showcase the intricate details of the wedding rings.

UK wedding reportage photography by Elodie Ruelleux-Dagorne

Elodie Ruelleux Dagorne is an international wedding photographer, with a background in music, who is passionate about capturing the beauty of nature and wildlife through her unique and original style. She feels at home when taking portraits in the countryside, surrounded by rural landscapes.

Studio portrait of French wedding reportage photographer David Blateyron

David Blateyron is an unconventional photographer who combines his love for art, geometry, and architecture to create visually striking and occasionally humorous wedding day images. With a distinct style and technical prowess, his photographs stand out.

Audrey Dubessay, Europe Wedding Reportage Photographer

Audrey Dubessay is a wedding photographer who loves to capture playful couples. With her background in graphic design and experience in both digital and film photography, Audrey has honed her skills to create beautiful bridal gown detail shots. She has a knack for shooting tight details and filling the frame with close-up shots of the wedding day getting ready action.

Montpellier engagement, wedding and elopement photography by Johanna Marjoux Hérault Occitanie France

Johanna Marjoux is a photographer who loves capturing couples in different places and times. She enjoys working with playful couples who embrace each other. Using her unique framing techniques, she creates captivating images that showcase gorgeous surroundings.

France wedding photography in a documentary style by Florian Maguin

Florian Maguin is a seasoned wedding photographer based in France. Since 2013, he has photographed more than 100 weddings, specializing in creative and vibrant images. His expertise includes using off-camera lighting techniques to capture stunning night and dusk shots with bold and contrasting colors.