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Vail, Colorado Wedding Portrait the couple in the night snow on their walk back to their hotel

Vail, Colorado Wedding Photographers | the couple on their walk back to their hotel
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Vail, Colorado

On the walk back to their hotel, a row of evergreens caught my attention and we paused for a quick photo of them. Their breath caught the light in the cold night air.

Lucy and Rick planned their elopement day on their ten year anniversary of being together, on the shore of Twin Lakes in central Colorado. Their anniversary made it extra special as throughout the day they shared memories of their previous 10 celebrations. Having always dreamed of a winter wedding, the below-freezing temperatures didn't phase them one bit. They stayed warm by cuddling up together. A welcome blizzard struck the night before and coated the scenery in a blanket of snow and whipped the snow around them.

They shared a first look at the lake before hiking through the snow until they found a spot that felt just right to say their promises to one another. Zelda, their dog of honor, raced circles around them in the deep snow, having the time of her life and developing an icicle beard on her chin.

From the moment the sun came up on their day, Rick and Lucy set out to have as much fun and pack as many laughs into their elopement day as possible. They sprayed champagne after having cheese and crackers set out on the hood of their car. When it came time to sign the marriage license, which also took place on the front of the car, they laughed about where to sign in their self-solemnizing marriage.

They traveled back to their hotel in Vail as it got dark, and the cold mountain air caught their breath as snow continued to fall. They cut a huge slice of cake back in their room and ate it face-first to cap off the day. It was everything they wanted it to be!