South Lake Tahoe, CA wedding day image of the couple riding bikes to the County Clerk's Office on their COVID day

For their small wedding, the couple chose to elope and rode their bikes to the county clerk's office for a quick civil ceremony, with their family members watching and celebrating via Zoom
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South Lake Tahoe, CA

Kierney and William ride bikes to the County Clerk's Office, the ONLY acceptable form of transportation on their wedding day.

Kierney and William had a large outdoor beach wedding planned for September 2020, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they decided a few weeks that what they really wanted was to just be married.  Kierney and William are incredibly relaxed, adventurous people, so the day was incredibly representative of who they are: they walked their dogs to a nearby meadow before riding bikes to the county clerk's office for a simple civil ceremony with their family members watching from a Zoom call.

While the couple was planning on keeping their original plans to hold a ceremony and beach reception in September, only a few weeks after their civil ceremony, the wedding venue would cancel on them, permanently altering what little plans they did have.  They rolled with the changes though: they bought a camper as their honeymoon gift to themselves and are spending their quaranlives fixing up their backyard and intend to hold a reception there instead.