Skylandia Beach Park Wedding couple portrait at Lake Tahoe of romantic bride and groom

The romantic portrait of the couple was taken in the glorious green and lush National Forest, where the towering trees and big leafy ground cover were illuminated by a touch of sun
Image Location: 
Lake Tahoe, California - Skylandia Park (South of Truckee and East of Tahoe City)

A romantic portrait of the bride and groom that really showcases the bride's gorgeous white dress, the emotional and deep love that the couple share, and the glorious green and lushness of the Tahoe National Forest. The trees loom high overhead, the big leafy ground cover is lit up by a touch of sun that has made its way through the tree opening, and the sky is bright blue with the few fluffy clouds that have made their presence.

These two lovely people reached out to me wanting to do a small elopement-style wedding at a beautiful location in Lake Tahoe, California just south of the small town of Truckee, California. This was a destination wedding for them for she was normally from New York and the groom was from Texas.  We were nearing the time of the wedding date and the past few weeks had been scorchers 100+ degrees and fires were causing smoke to move in and make everything uncomfortable with poor visibility.They were absolutely blessed with the perfect day.  Temps dropped 15 degrees and the smoke cleared out.  The day was absolutely perfect surrounded by the Tahoe National Forest and Lake Tahoe just beside them.  They had a few family members and a few very close friends there to witness their sentimental ceremony.  The kids gathered pine cones to create a little aisleway/path for the bride to walk down.It was just the perfect day for this heartfelt elopement.