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Shabby Chic House, Cafeteria and Restaurant Boutique Wedding Venue image of The groom really feeling what he was singing to the bride

The Shabby Chic House, Cafeteria & Restaurant Boutique Wedding Venue | The groom really feels what he was singing to the bride
Image Location: 
The Shabby Chic House/San Isidro/Heredia/Costa Rica

Patricio really feels what he was singing to Alejandra. Haury, which is Patricio's close friend, was playing the guitar during the song. During the ceremony, Patricio surprised his bride with the news that he was going to sing her his vows.

Alejandra and Patricio’s wedding took place in a very intimate venue called The Shabby Chic House which is located in San Isidro de Heredia, Costa Rica. It is a place surrounded by mountains and that evokes a very warm environmental feeling inside the home thanks to its chimney, the perfect background for their ceremony.

Their original wedding was supposed to have guests from all over the world since they live in Costa Rica but Alejandra is from El Salvador and Patricio is from Chile. For the ceremony,  only a very few members of their family like Alejandra’s Father and Patricio’s parents, and one of his brothers were able to attend. Alejandra’s mother for example was in the United States and sadly she couldn’t attend the wedding because of the lockdown and flight cancellations, but that didn’t stop her from being present. She was able to be with Alejandra at all times even during her getting ready. Other guests were able to be at the wedding via Zoom.

Alejandra and Patricio have a very close relationship with God and their love for each other is huge. That’s why they really had a lot of special moments during their celebration. For example, before the ceremony they got a moment to pray together without seeing each other touching their hands. The most special moment was when it was Patricio’s turn to say to Alejandra his vows. He surprised her with an incredible song he personally wrote for her and decided to sing it to her live, thanks to his blind friend and musician Haury.

I really was very lucky to be present at this very intimate and special celebration.  You can see that Alejandra and Patricio’s wedding was special by even seeing family members at other places in the world having their special moment through the phone zoom call.