From a romantic destination wedding, a portrait of the couple at the church

A romantic destination elopement portrait of the bride and groom
Image Location: 
Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy

While the imposing Santa Maria Della Salute threatens to cast a severe tone for the portrait, the bride's sweeping veil and the groom's genuine smile add the touch of romance that makes this image truly spectacular.

While Cristina and Gianmarco currently reside in London, they decided to return to their native Italy for a romantic destination elopement that was infused with passion and anchored by the history that surrounded them. The couple prepared for their wedding at the Hotel Bauer Palazzo, then traveled by water taxi along the canals of Venice to Palazzo Cavalli, where the wedding ceremony took place. After the ceremony, the newlyweds posed for powerful wedding portraits inside the infamous Hotel Danieli.