Outdoor Ski Resort Mountain Wedding Ceremony Photo of The groom taking his new bride into his arms and kisses her for the first time

The newlywed couple in a breathtaking mountain wedding ceremony photo, with the groom taking his blushing bride into his arms and giving her a passionate kiss to mark their first moment as husband and wife
Image Location: 
Vail, Colorado

Andrew takes his new bride Meltem into his arms and kisses her for the first time as her husband.

Andrew and Meltem share a love for skiing, so eloping in the winter on Vail Ski Resort was an easy decision. The couple decided to elope, as all of Meltem's family lives in Turkey and was unable to travel due to COVID-19. I think the most remarkable memory I have as their photographer from this amazing day was how much Andrew's family surrounded Meltem with love. They truly thought of her as a daughter and have a bond that is rare. This was not only a wedding but also a day of family celebration. Their hearts just seemed to grow as the hours passed.