Old Marylebone Town hall, London bride and groom at their elopement wedding ceremony

The bride and groom shared a moment during their ceremony at the Town Hall
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Old Marylebone Town hall, London

The bride and groom, during the ceremony at the Old Marylebone Town Hall in London.

Nicky and Chris were both super laid back.  They've been together for a good number of years and finally decided to tie the knot, but with only their parents by their side. It was beautifully intimate and personal, and so much fun! They are a real outgoing couple and made sure that their wedding was exactly as they wanted it.

Getting ready together we journeyed in a taxi to Old Marylebone Town Hall where they had a short but sweet ceremony, with their witnesses being their parents. They bonded with the registrar over their love of tap dancing, and the fun continued as they walked through their confetti and into a taxi back to The Langham Hotel. Laughter and jokes were shared throughout the journey but the love and intimacy were still there to be seen.

We arrived in a massive room with a table set up for 5 people which looked really sweet. They enjoyed a few drinks with their parents before heading in for their meal. I loved every second of this wedding, it really proved that you don't need 200 people on your guest list to have a good time!