France wedding photo of the bride and groom riding dirt bike motorcycles to town hall

Lescure, Tarn, France Wedding Photography | The couple could make it to the ceremony by motorbikes through a small path with their sons
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Lescure Town Hall, Tarn, France

The town hall wasn't far away from the cocktail place, and they could make it with security by motorbikes through a small path with their sons.

The story of Jenifer and Jeremy is a fabulous one. They are a nice and fun couple, they have been together since they were fifteen, and they are now working together in their own business as horticulturists.

Jeremy asked Jenifer to marry him on their dating anniversary in April. And because she has always said that she'll get married before her 30th birthday, they decided to book the wedding date on her birthday. She was born at 6 pm, 30 years before and the ceremony was at 5 pm to keep her promise to herself. It was a small and cozy wedding with just the family around, but such a good time. They decided to have a first look moment, then the small ceremony in a small town close to Albi (south of France).

Their two boys were so excited to be a part of the wedding, to give rings to their parents, and see them saying yes to each other. They came back from the ceremony on the motorbikes with their children.  They are passionate about motorsport and bar games. So they decided, during the cocktail hour, after some group photos, to play darts, foosball, and pinball. Everyone had a lot of fun playing games, chatting, and drinking altogether. 

We had a quick couple of portraits because they didn't like classic couple photos. I tried to have something natural and fun which was a really good time and they were really happy about it.