Colorado Campsite Wedding image at Staunton State Park of The couples siblings and closest friends in attendance

The couple had a small, intimate wedding, surrounded by their siblings and closest friends in a mountain ceremony at a state park campsite
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Staunton State Park in Pine, CO

The couple's siblings and closest friends were in attendance for the ceremony as guests and participants.

Unlike most weddings this year, Sarah and Elise were able to stick with their plans of a small outdoor wedding, although due to COVID restrictions it ended up needing to be a little smaller.  At a campsite in Staunton State Park, they gathered with eight of their closest friends and siblings for some drinks and hors d'oeuvres before climbing up to a rock outcrop for their ceremony, overlooking the mountains and a passing storm. Every guest participated in the ceremony with readings from books and poems, concluding with part of Justice Kennedy's opinion on same-sex marriage.  

Before heading out for a few portraits they toasted with champagne, signed their marriage license, and performed a duet.  We finished up with some portraits as the sun went down.