Civil Town Hall Wedding Photography of Spaced out chairs and minimal guests at ceremony

Civil Town Hall Wedding Photography of Spaced out chairs and minimal guests
Image Location: 
Hackney Town Hall - Mare Street - London

Spaced out chairs and minimal guests. I love the perspective, very filmic. The bride and groom are in the middle of their wedding and face each other. The whole scene is kinda cold, not only the lighting but the space between all the players.

I live in Hackney and fairly regularly capture weddings at Hackney Town Hall. Like the rest of our industry, I had a huge number of weddings canceled but this was actually one of my first COVID/socially distanced weddings. I met this lovely couple only once in the lead-up to the wedding. The key message they wanted me to hear was their shyness and need for true natural moments, as little posing as possible - not a problem, that's the way I like to shoot.  There was only one London Fields backdrop that they wanted a more static portrait against, a graffitied wall near their home - otherwise, it was reportage all the way. The Airbnb reception venue was very small, particularly when everyone was seated for dinner. 

My fave image is the bride walking past the coffee shop. As wedding photographers, we all have to think 5 minutes ahead of where best to be. I am always racing ahead of a couple in order to be in place ready to capture moments as they unfold. I love the admiring glances from the coffee drinkers, it's subtle but integral to the image.

Overall this was a lovely pared-down wedding. I am super chuffed the couple decided to get on with the business of getting married rather than postponing. Hope you enjoy the selection.