The bride and groom at a reception venue table sitting as wedding guests arrive

The bride and groom chatted at a table at the reception venue restaurant
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Ricevimento - Osteria Il Toscanini - Reggiolo - Reggio Emilia - Italia

The couple arrived at Il Toscanini reception venue a bit ahead of time, and since the tables weren't set up yet, they took the chance to mingle in the sheltered area prior to the room preparation. They chatted about their day, and then some guests entered through the revolving door.

Tiziano and Laura's day was certainly an exciting and unique event, as was the moment of the first meeting. I met Laura during a photo session at the company where she works. During a break, she revealed to me that in a few days she will get married, an intimate event with very few guests who will share her union with her partner Tiziano.

They hadn't thought of a photographer, for many reasons, few people, the month of December, the now long coexistence with an already grown-up son and the thought that in the end the memories remain in the heart and mind. I expressed my thoughts to her trying to make known, with my experience, the importance of stopping in time all those moments full of emotion using photography, emphasizing that you can build a good story of the day even if everything was organized to be lived with few people.

After a couple of days the couple, together with their son, came to visit me in my studio. Laura revealed to me that she had talked about it with her partner and that my words had convinced them to also include the presence of a photographer in their day.

Reaffirming that I would have been one of their guests and that what I was asking from them was simply to enjoy the day, without forcing it.

We greet each other with a handshake and a thank you from them, which I reciprocated by capturing their unique moments.