Are you planning a short-notice, small wedding or elopement?

Many couples don’t want to wait. They are planning to get married in the very near future, eloping, or rushing a small ceremony with their photographer, some close friends, and family but dispensing with or postponing the reception party. 

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Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey wedding ceremony image of The Imam performing a Muslim ceremony for a couple

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey Elopement Photography | The Imam performs a Muslim wedding ceremony as the bride and groom listen
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Blue Mosque, Istanbul

The Imam performs a Muslim wedding ceremony as the bride and groom listen

Maham and Farhan live in the USA, but because some of their relatives were in Pakistan, they picked Istanbul as the place in the middle to do their Muslim wedding.

The couple wanted to do the ceremony at the famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Because it is uncommon to hold ceremonies in mosques in Istanbul, they just asked the Imam of the church for this favour, and he invited them for the ceremony on a Friday morning.

Unfortunately, the getting ready part for Maham and her parents took longer than expected. So they had to postpone the ceremony to the afternoon, after the huge Friday Pray.

When the group got to the mosque, the Imam welcomed them, and led them through hundreds of tourists to a disguised door, which opened to a flight of stairs to the mezzanine level. There, unseen by the crowds of tourist below, they held beautiful Muslim ceremony.