1st place in Transportation

Thailand beach wedding. Color photo by Aht Yomyai of Thailand.

Wedding photographer Aht Yomyai, was awarded 1st place in the Transportation category for the WPJA's 2017 Tri1 Photography Competition.


  • This image stood out immediately because it was different and I like the focus on the accidental tourists. I just wish the photo were framed a little cleaner and the couple on the elephant were a bit more prominent.
  • One couldn't be blamed for pulling out a camera or raising a phone to get a photo of this scene. It's not something you see everyday while strolling a beach! Actually, one of the subtler aspects of this image I enjoyed so much is that most folks are simply caught unaware, as though the sight of an elephant bearing a bride simply took too long to register. But, how perfect, of course, that we view this image today by a photographer with the wherewithal to shoot the scene itself as a bigger moment than just the bride's.

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