2nd place in Symmetry

British Columbia, Canada

Jenna Shouldice

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This photograph, taken by Jenna Shouldice, was awarded 2nd place in the Symmetry category for the WPJA's 2016 Q4 Photography Competition.

Judges Comments

  • I like the mystery created from the line of umbrellas heading into the unknown. The late afternoon reflecting off the woman’s dress is the perfect focal point.
  • This image stood out from the beginning. It has a feeling of romance and adventure. Or is it more mystery and intrigue? Aside from the woman in evening attire, thereʼs little left but a ceremonial procession between sodden trees and foliage. Itʼs a good use of symmetry as a way to build an image as a leading line, a multiplier or divisor that can be incorporated for wherever or whatever the desire.

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